Depression is a significantly common yet extremely debilitating illness that affects over 264 million people worldwide, and despite that, it is still extremely misunderstood.

This disorder can really affect someone’s quality of life (and those around them), and the consequences of living with this illness can be catastrophic – and often life-threatening.
This is why it is important for everyone to get the facts on depression not only for themselves but also for others, so we can all work together to tackle this illness.

This piece will discuss some of the facts you should know about depression, which you can then share with others for better awareness.

There is Not Always A ‘Source’ of Depression

Perhaps one of the most difficult things to understand when it comes to this specific illness is that there is not always a definitive cause. Not only can this be extremely stressful for the person who is experiencing it, but it can also be confusing and frustrating for those in their life too. How can you treat something if you do not know what the reason is? Even though there is not always a determinable reason for why depression occurs, the same thing often happens in the brain, such as a chemical imbalance, which means treatments are still effective. It is important to remember that even if you believe there is nothing wrong in your life, and no reason to warrant depression, how you feel is still completely valid and real, and you deserve help.

Depression is Not Just Sadness

Another common misconception when someone is depressed is that they are just sad and should be able to cheer themselves up. While you can feel extreme sadness when you are depressed, there are also a variety of other feelings that can happen, too, such as hopelessness, emptiness, and negative feeling of the self. You cannot just snap yourself out of depression – it requires real and steady treatment that suits the individual. This could be medication, therapies, a combination of both, or even more intense treatment such as in-house rehabilitation. For more information on this, head over to

Depression Does Not Have One ‘Look’

You might think you know what you are looking for when trying to spot someone with depression, that it might be extremely obvious who is suffering from the illness, but this could not be further from the truth, especially as there are different types of depression too. Depression can look different for everyone. Some people are able to put on a happy, bubbly mask, laughing and joking. Others may appear irritable and angry, as if they can snap at any moment. You might find that some people do not appear to feel much at all or seem present, just in a world of their own and significantly unreactive to the world around them.
Knowing this can help people not assume that they know what is going on with others and help stop people from forming judgments based on outward appearances.

Obtaining a better understanding of depression can help people aid others better, making it just a little bit easier for suffers to cope and get the right kind of support they need.

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