When you go to the shop to buy something that will manage the infestation of pests in your home, you rarely think of the consequences it is having on your health and surroundings. With good reason, most people look for a quick and easy solution. There is barely any thought about how best to ensure your home is pest free and your family is safe. Rats are common problems in homes that have access to a garden or are on the ground floor. The most common methods people use are traps and rat killers. However, there are much more efficient and better ways to get rid of them. Here are some points, that may make you evaluate how you view the safety of your home.

What is a rat repellent?

A repellent is a substance, that ensures pests do not enter your home at all. These substances ensure the pests find the smell or sensation troubling and they are not tempted to enter the premises sprayed with repellent. There are many natural repellents available that can ensure you are not choosing harsh chemicals that can be dangerous for you and those living with you when ingested or inhaled by accident.

What is a rat killer?

As the name explains, any substance or mechanism that gets rid of the rats is known as a rat killer.

Advantages of a rat repellent vs a rat killer

  1. No entry at all – Rat repellents ensure these pests do not enter your home at all. Rats can bring a horde of diseases into the house. This will be avoided altogether if you use a repellent instead of a killer.
  2. No destruction of property – If you use a rat repellent, there will be no destruction of property in your home as the pesky things will stay away. If you use a rat killer, they might destroy whatever comes in their path till they get to the rat killer.
  3. Not harmful to humans – Rat poison is extremely toxic for humans and can be fatal for pets and children. A small quantity of ingestion can cause extreme distress and health issues.
  4. Available organic products – There are no rat killers in the market that are safe for humans. At the same time, there are many options for a natural rat repellent.
  5. Need to know the path and access points – When you are laying down traps and rat killers, you need to know the exact path of the rats to make sure the contraptions work. If you do not know from where they are getting inside, it can be difficult to control their entry. If you are using a repellent, you can spray it or rub it in multiple places and be rest assured that they will not enter the house from those places. Since repellents are mostly the correct blend of essential oils, they can be spread throughout the home.
  6. Breeding in the house – If rats do manage to skirt the security measures laid down by you, they may breed inside your homes, making it more difficult to get rid of them. They can enter small spaces and stay there till they are ready to come out and start destroying things in their path again. However, if you use a relent, they won’t be able to stand the smell, and they will exit the house immediately. The uncomfortable sensation will dissuade pests from breeding in your homes.
  7. Cleaning up – Rat killers may be effective and may even give immediate relief. However, there is no guarantee that the rats will go away and out of the house and then die. They can die in pipes, vents, or any other places giving your home a bad odor. If they get washed up in water lines, then your entire supply can get contaminated. Natural rat repellents ensure your house is free from rats altogether. They also ensure your house is always smelling good and you don’t have to worry about tracing the raps or rat-killer substances and cleaning up after them. If you miss one or 2 and kids or pets find them, it can be harmful.

Rat killers are the instinctive choice when you go to a store. You rarely consider other options that can make your life easier and your home more hygienic. Rat repellent is overall the more convenient option to ensure your house remains rat-free.

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