Your Easy Mattress Guide: 5 Types of Mattress You Need To Know About

Many mattress manufacturers worldwide offer a vast selection of mattresses that can cater to your preferences and budget. There are many things and options to consider in purchasing a mattress to get the comfortable feel you need. Knowing your choices ahead of time can help you make your mattress search journey a lot manageable. To narrow down your list when choosing a mattress type, you may consider the following choices:

Memory Foam

If you are looking for the best mattress to buy today, you may consider a memory foam mattress that is popularly known in the industry because of the comfort and support it provides to the sleeper. Memory foam is a viscoelastic mattress that gives a cuddly response to pressure, providing the user a cradling-like sensation. It is also known for its benefits, such as pressure reduction in essential areas of the body.

Many sleepers worldwide, especially side sleepers, prefer to use and purchase this type of mattress. It provides them the right amount of comfort and support, especially on their shoulders, back, and hip. There are many memory foams available in the market, and they are durable and can last for years when well taken care of.

If you are fond of soft mattress types, a memory foam mattress might be the perfect one for you. Knowing your preferences before purchasing one is essential to ensure that you only get the best for yourself.


Another mattress to consider when purchasing is a latex mattress. It is regarded as one of the best mattresses available in the market because of its materials that provide excellent support to your body. A latex mattress is also eco-friendly and hypoallergenic because it is made from the sap of a rubber tree, making it perfect for individuals prone to allergies.

The level of comfort a latex mattress provides is similar to a memory foam mattress. Suppose you want full support for your back while sleeping. In that case, a latex mattress is an ideal option, and its firmness can provide you excellent support and spine alignment, making it perfect, especially for back sleepers. So if you are a back sleeper, this type of mattress can help you sleep at ease.


As to how the mattress is named, a hybrid mattress is created to produce the “ideal” bed for most sleepers. It is a mattress that combines the pressure-relieving benefits of memory foam and the luxurious bouncy feel and firmness of an innerspring mattress. This mattress type is an ideal option for almost all types of sleepers.

Maintaining excellent posture and aligning your spine are essential components of preventing back pain. A mattress that either feels too firm or not hard enough will not support your neck and lower back spine, thus, causing discomfort. The targeted foam layers of a hybrid mattress can help you alleviate these discomforts and enhance your overall sleep quality.

Hybrid mattresses outperform their all-foam counterparts in terms of longevity and responsiveness. They are known to be durable which is why it is pretty famous for buyers. Hybrid mattresses can typically last 7 to 10 years, potentially lasting even longer if properly taken care of by the user.


Waterbeds were popular in the 1900s, and amazingly, they are still available in the market today. If airbed mattresses use air as the main component, a waterbed’s main component is water.   Waterbeds can also be customized based on how much water they hold. Water conforms to the curves of the body and distributes weight equally across the surface.

There are three types of waterbeds: free-flow, semi-waveless, and waveless. There are no restrictions with free-flow waterbeds, and sleepers can feel the entire motion of the water while sleeping. With foam bolsters and baffles, semi-waveless partially inhibits movement. Waveless is motionless and provides a similar feel to a traditional mattress.

If you are interested in owning a waterbed,  you might need to consider a few things since this is not your typical mattress. Checking the water level, scanning for leaks, and cleaning the water are all things that you must remember before owning a waterbed. Waterbeds give a new comfort and experience to a sleeper.


A futon is a Japanese word initially referred to as a round mat or a cushion loaded with leaves. It is a traditional mattress widely used in Japan and even some neighboring countries. The entire bed is made up of three components and is intended to be placed on the ground. You may roll them up and store them in the morning, then use them when needed at night.

In today’s world, a futon mattress is also referred to as a convertible couch, a folding bed that includes sofa beds usually used in modern tiny homes. A futon mattress is composed of either a thin or thick cotton mattress filled with almost everything, such as organic wool, cotton, latex, and other foam fillings.


Purchasing a new mattress is fun and exciting, but it is also tricky. Each bed has different levels of support and comfort, so it is better to know your preferences first before doing anything.

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