10 Benefits of Software Development Outsourcing for HealthTech Startups

The concept of software development outsourcing has been trending for the past few years. So much so that this outsourcing industry for IT requirements has garnered a revenue of $62 Billion in the year 2018. Most South Asian countries, like India and Vietnam, are renowned for serving the outsourcing needs of companies from other countries.

Today, even the health-tech startups are opting to outsource their requirements for better functioning of their unit, and here are some of the benefits this process promises:

1-Leveraging Technologies:

Every health-tech startup is different & its prime goal varies with the business mission and vision. They might not carry everything needed for the organization. However, in terms of software development outsourcing for the IT requirements of a health-tech startup, you get access to specific facilities and technologies that help patch you up with additional necessities.

In short, a health-tech startup that invests in outsourcing gets access to customized healthcare solutions along with the necessary tools for perfect functioning.

2-Efficient Budget Management:

With the pandemic taking a toll on the healthcare system, there is a need for top-quality technologies brought in by health-tech startups. However, accessing superior quality technology could be a tad pricey. That is why more and more health-tech startups are focusing on outsourcing development requirements.

When outsourcing, you can avoid any recruitment fees, training costs, or onboarding costs that may come from hiring an in-house team.

3-Access to Talent Pool:

Another critical driver for IT requirements being outsourced by health-tech startups is the access to a talent pool isn’t restricted by boundaries. It means you can hire IT experts from any part of the world and fathom what is vital and meaningful for your health-tech startup.

When investing in IT outsourcing, you can access a vivid talent pool with leading-edge and diverse technology expertise.


When you need IT professionals for your health-tech requirements, outsourcing is a good idea as it gives you access to flexibility. With an in-house IT team, you might not get access to flexibility in terms of budgeting, manpower, and proportion of work.

However, with the outsourcing of the health-tech to different countries beyond your zone, you get a chance to be flexible enough. You can either build a dedicated team or work with probably 2 or 3 IT professionals.

5-Save Up on Time:

With the outsourcing of health-tech requirements, the team can completely focus on the project. Further, they will deliver in line while achieving a critical pathway for your tech startup. It means the time required to market the product would be reduced a lot, which will provide you a competitive advantage.

6-Enhanced Cybersecurity:

Since the awareness related to cybersecurity-related threats is increasing, functioning in sync with an outsourcing company ensures that your data and other critical elements are perfectly safe. You also get an immediate connection with data safety and compliance as per the latest regulatory standards.

7-Access to Fresh Perspectives:

Working in conjunction with a creative and innovative software outsourcing company can definitely expose you to a plethora of emerging opportunities. Health-tech companies with a range of multidisciplinary functions bring in ample competency. However, this is amplified when there is access to a fresh perspective.

It helps the company think uniquely while benefiting the company in and out.

8-Avoid Wastage in Software Development:

One thing that should be minimal in any health-tech startup is any possibility of risk or wastage. It’s about health, and there is no gambling in this scenario. While an in-house team might definitely allow you to monitor the employees and talent pool, outsourcing the same would help with robust management of the project & quality system control, which has been tried & tested by professionals.

Having access to a professional and experienced team would help you manage the risk and reduce wastage.

9-Legally Compliant:

Legal compliance is a critical factor in the health-tech startup space. However, it is definitely possible to create a customized solution while staying in compliance with the necessary health codes. When hiring an in-house team for IT requirements, you might not get access to a team that understands the legal necessities.

However, when you outsource, the project goes to an experienced team that understands the mandates and handles them accordingly.

10-Joint Roadmap Discussion:

While it wasn’t previously possible for any outsourcing company to communicate efficiently, things have changed nowadays. Today clients and project managers can efficiently communicate with each other on every part of the project to ensure a smooth workflow and quality assurance with a minimal glitch.


Healthcare practitioners always require software that helps them efficiently perform tasks without any glitch in place. An expert outsourcing team can find out the glitches, bugs, or errors in the software creation process with minimal effort and maximum output while saving a lot in terms of the cost factor. So, keeping all these benefits in mind, you can try out software development outsourcing for your health-tech startup.

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