Mobile apps have made it almost hard to remember when we couldn’t transfer money to friends or companies by just pressing a few buttons. Advances in financial technology have made it simpler than ever before to move money from one individual to second or from one business to another. Annual research published by Capgemini and BNP Paribas in 2017 forecasted that by 2020, people all around the world would do 726 billion digital transactions.

The continuous struggle by has resulted in making it the most trusted online investment platforms. In recent years, a rising number of Fintech payment firms have emerged to assist in the acceleration, simplification, and security of the process of paying for products and services.

  1. Clover Network

Small businesses may utilize Clover Network’s all-in-one payments solution to collect payments, handle invoices, and make online orders. Thanks to Clover’s all-in-one POS devices and software that works on PCs, smartphones, and tablets, it’s simple to run a business from any place.

  1. Verify

Companies of all sizes and sectors may benefit from Verifi’s payment safety and e-commerce solutions. Concerns about online fraud and chargebacks may be addressed via the program. There are an estimated 25,000 Verifi account holders throughout the world, which indicates that Verifi’s solutions might avoid up to 50% of chargebacks.

  1. SpotOn

SpotOn’s goal is to assist small companies to simplify operations, connect with customers, and improve revenue by providing an end-to-end solution for handling all of their financial commitments. SpotOn’s point-of-sale hardware and software may be used by small companies of all sorts to improve their operations and generate more money.

  1. Billd

Contractors in the construction industry may use Billd, a payment service, to acquire materials and pay vendors over time. A 120-day payment period ensures that cash flow never comes in the way of accepting exceptional projects since Billd pays suppliers in advance before any items are transferred to contractors.

  1. Flywire

Fintech payment systems for travel, education, and healthcare are among Flywire’s sectors. There are times when keeping track of payments may be a challenge, particularly when working with multinational businesses and currencies that are different. All parties engaged in a transaction are kept up-to-date in real-time by Flywire’s worldwide collection network, which reconciles global payments and even allows for refunds. Expedia, Boston Children’s Hospital has utilized Flywire and Hilton Hotels to handle their international payments.

  1. com

Because of the digital platform provided by, both small and big businesses may enhance their checkout procedures and experience. By using the platform as a gateway, risk engine, acquirer/processor, and reporting tool, conversions are boosted while friction is decreased. 

  1. BillGO

Customers, billers, and billers all benefit from using BillGO’s centralized payment system, which means fewer payments are lost and more time is saved for everyone involved. In addition to banks, Fintech, and billers modifying BillGO’s technology to deliver new income streams and produce greater value from their investments, consumers may integrate their spending into BillGO using robust APIs and widgets.

  1. DailyPay, Inc.

Employees may choose when and how frequently they are paid using DailyPay. For every hour worked, employees accrue a credit balance. After that, clients have the option of taking their money out in one lump sum at any time. When the formal corporate payday rolls around, the amount that workers have previously withdrawn from their paycheck is deducted immediately from their total. On average, employee turnover has been reduced by 41% for companies using this Fintech payment method.

  1. Checkbook

Using Checkbook’s digital checks, you can send and track payments in real-time for both businesses and individuals. Fast payouts, automated reconciliation, and the ability to distribute checks to multiple payees at once are all being used by large corporations like DHL to speed up the process of processing and clearing check-based payments.

  • Insto

P2P buyers and sellers may now arrange their future payments on this platform for the first time. If you’d like to buy a bicycle or pay your roommate’s rent, please get in touch with me. INSTO will take care of each installment as long as both parties agree on a payment plan that works for them.

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