Bad breath is a problem that ruins your personality. In lifetime comes when you want to look your best, whether it is a big interview or a date. Your oral hygiene matters a lot. People do get an idea about your oral and overall hygiene as it is quite evident from the outside.

On those big days, make sure to avoid certain foods that have a great tendency of causing bad breath. Bad breath is caused by odor-causing bacteria in the mouth. When you do not regularly brush or floss your teeth, then you might have to deal with this oral problem.

List Of Odor-Causing Foods

Certain foods naturally possess a pungent smell and give you a bad breath after you have it. These foods have many health benefits, and you certainly cannot avoid these foods. However, on your respective big days, make sure to say no to these foods. Let us go through some of these foods.

1.    Garlic

It is one of the superfoods that help to boost your immunity. Its use has especially increased during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, it also comes on the top of the list of food that causes bad breath. Garlic has a strong flavor, and many people might feel the smell hours after consuming it. Some people might even complain of a burp after having high garlic food.

Therefore it is better to avoid garlic food right before a big meeting, a business deal, an interview or before going on a date as it can make you unbearable for others due to the strong smell that garlic gives you.

2.    Alcohol

Alcohol is harmful to the body in numerous ways, and it is also one of the leading causes of bad breath. One of the main causes of bad breath is dehydration and lack of saliva in the mouth. Alcohol is actually diuretic and dehydrates the body of the consumer. A dehydrated mouth provides the best environment for bad bacteria.

It is not just bad breath; alcohol is the cause of serious harm to the body. Thus, it is very important to live an alcohol-free life. In this matter, you can also seek support from rehab centers in your state. Nevada rehab centers facilitate everyone in the state and help them get sober.

3.    Onions

Coming to number three on the list is onion; this is another notorious vegetable for giving a bad breath. Vegetables such as onions and garlic not only make your mouth stinky, but as these are absorbed into the bloodstream, then the smell also comes out through the lungs from the air coming out from the nose.

It actually happens as these vegetables are high in sculpture which promotes a bad odor in the mouth. If you have ingested raw onions before anything big or meaningful, make sure to properly clean or floss your mouth before it.

4.    Coffee

Though it helps you get recharged, it can give you a bad breath before a big interview. Coffee has its own strong aroma that sticks into the mouth, and it also has diuretic properties, just like alcohol. Both these factors work together and give you a strong bad breath.

5.    Protein

Having a diet too high in protein and too little in carbs can also give you bad breath. Proteins are very nutritious for the human body, and it provides some vital amino acids to the body, but when you take too much of it, then it can make your breath a bad breath.

The body breaks down proteins through a process of ketosis. This process breaks down proteins into ketones, and ketones have a strong and awful smell. Usually, such food-oriented bad breath is difficult to mask even with proper hygiene. Thus make sure to avoid such foods before heading towards something big.

6.    Sugar

Sugar also favors the growth of bad bacteria in the mouth. Excess sugar is generally not good for oral health, and it can cause a number of oral problems. Therefore make sure to use sugary food items and snacks in moderation. People often use chewing gums for refreshing their breath. However, unless it is sugar-free, it is not going to help you out.

7.    Cheese

Dairy products are also very notorious for giving a person bad breath. Basically, dairy products’ main constituent is certain amino acids. These amino acids react with bacteria in the mouth and give out sulphur. This is why your mouth sometimes smells like a rotten egg after taking too much cheese or other dairy products. Make sure to avoid cheesy food before a big interview or on a date.

8.    Canned Fish

Fish naturally has a strong, unique smell, but it gets even worse when you consume canned fish. Your colleagues and fellows can definitely get an idea that you have recently had a fish just because of the strong bad smell coming out from your mouth. Make sure to say no to fish, especially canned fish, before moving out for anything big.

9.    Horseradish

This is again too notorious when we talk about bad breath. In addition to bad breath, a person might even complain about unnecessary burping that gives out an unpleasant and unacceptable smell. Eating horseradish can really make you awful, and there is no way you can help it. Therefore, it is better to avoid consuming it in any form before preceding a big event.

10.  Tomatoes

Tomatoes are actually acidic, and anything in the acidic environment is best for bad bacteria. So it is common to complain about bad breath if you have eaten a tomato-rich recipe. Unfortunately, in addition to tomatoes, many citrus foods can also promote bad breath in the mouth. Thus make sure to avoid such foods before going after something big.

Take Away

Everyone aims to be at his best, especially when he is chasing something big. On such big occasions, your oral hygiene really means a lot. There are a number of foods that can make your breath awful and unpleasant. Make sure to avoid such foods on such occasions.

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