Formal events and festivities keep coming around when the party season and celebrations hardly seem to cease and last all year round.

On average, there must be at least ten or eleven formal occasions, if not more, where the dress plays a significant role in keeping the wearer amongst the list of people that possess style, class, and glamour. Such are the events that require an outfit with a blend of elegance, charm, and intricacies.

This post helps you explore 10 formal dresses and evening gowns that you can buy from Shewin with a description of these dresses that portray their allure and elegance. Read further to find the ten best formal dresses and evening gowns that you need to buy from Shewin.

#1 Sequin Fringe Sleeve Maxi Gown Evening Dress

The party season has just made its way into your life, and you are looking for a perfect party dress that is both glamorous and elegant. In addition to its perfection is its expression of urbanity and sophistication. So what would you get for yourself? How about a maxi gown?

Sliding on a sequin fringe sleeve maxi gown evening dress is the best way to rock any party or event at any time of the year. This party dress is creatively an adaptable evening gown that makes you catch the attention of those around you and freeze their gaze on this stunning attire.

This gorgeous gown has a straight hem with a glittery bodycon silhouette and a simple, modest pattern which makes it a perfect choice for a ball or a formal evening. In addition, the round-neck maxi gown is available in an apricot hue with fringed split sleeves — a perfect dress for any formal occasion.

#2 V-Neck Buttons Side Split Midi Dress

Have you thought about getting a knee-length evening dress that is versatile enough to be worn on occasions such as a formal ball or a prom night that require you to wear an attire that articulates sophistication and intricacy? Shewin has a perfect dress that matches this description precisely.

When we talk about the versatility of this v-shaped neck evening gown with a slit-shaped hem and a flared silhouette, we mean to express the charisma that this attire possesses and how its charm can make you look like a glamorous fashion diva.

This outfit has a regular sleeve pattern with a soft cotton blend fabric that leaves you with an opportunity to wear this dress all year round because of its timelessness. The glamorous attire can be worn on prom nights, formal dinners as well as on Christmas and New Year parties.

#3 Surplice Neck Belted Ruffle Trim Midi Dress

It is undoubtedly true that certain events are all about the attire worn in accordance with the dress code to keep the significance of the occasion alive. To crackdown on the dress code and formality of such events, evening dresses and gowns have always been playing a significant role.

This surplice neck belted ruffle trim midi dress is a perfect choice for any formal event or party since it bears a charming hunch of feminine sensuality mingled with sophistication and allure. In order to rock any formal occasion with a more youthful fashion look, this ruffle trim midi dress is unmatched.

#4 Cross Wrap Ruffle Hem Bodycon Midi Dress


A formal ball is scheduled by the end of the month, and you need a dress that is an expression of both glamour and class. What would you choose?

You are known for having remarkable fashion taste, and an event is coming by. The formality of the occasion requires you not just to get dressed but to glam up your fashion look. So what would you lay your hands on for such an occasion? For an event of such incredible significance, what could be better than a cross wrap ruffle hem bodycon mermaid style gown?

#5 One Shoulder Knot Front Maxi Dress

The attire of a person bears an inevitable significance when it comes to a socially important event. This is why people tend to go the extra mile where the dress code possesses the formality of the event while also exhibiting style and glamour.

For events like these where the dress ensures the allure of the wearer, especially petite fashion divas, a prom party one-shoulder knot front maxi dress is the #1 choice. Made from Spandex material, this long maxi dress is perfect to set any formal event on the blazing fire of elegance and intricacy.

This one-shoulder sleeveless outfit has a modest style and simple pattern with a mermaid-shaped hem that adds more to your charm and elegance as you step at a party, all set to glam it up with your fashion look. The fit and flare silhouette of this outfit can bring out the inner diva of you to the spotlight.

#6 Silver Sequin Bodycon Slit Prom Dress

You surely do not want to miss an opportunity to lay your hands on this one. This silvery sequin evening dress is all about glamour, class, and elegance.

With a high-waisted split pattern bodycon silhouette, this solid sleeveless dress has a v-shaped neck that makes it unparalleled and perfect attire for any formal event or a night out with friends. Make sure that you don’t forget to add this one to your shopping cart.

#7 Surplice Neck Top & Split Thigh Maxi

Every inch of this surplice neck top and slit thigh outfit reflects the very charm and elegance that it possesses. With a glimmer of femininity and allure, this dress is a perfect choice for every occasion.

The versatility and timelessness of this gorgeous attire leaves you with ample choices to slide it on and be the show-stealer, as every person that lays an eye on you would be mesmerized.

#8 Square Neck Velvet Thigh Slit Maxi Dress

Do you have a slit thigh velvet maxi dress in your closet? Do you know that you can beat any event with style and glamour with a thigh-slit blue velvet evening dress? This asymmetric velvet maxi dress is an attire that can make you appear extraordinarily eye captivating as it is drenched in the intricacy and glamour of a fashion style.

Why you should not miss your chance of getting a dress as alluring as this one is because this high-waisted attire is more than an ordinary evening dress. The slit-thigh velvet gown is perfect for a formal dinner or a party with friends since every inch of this dress reflects the versatility of the attire.

Who would be naive enough to lose their chance of getting their hands on this remarkably gorgeous velvet maxi dress? The long-sleeve regular pattern speaks of the modest look that this attire depicts, making it suitable for formal and not-so-formal events. To get yours now, browse through Shewin.

#9 Thigh Split Backless Midi Dress

What is more alluring than an all-black backless midi dress for a formal event that requires you to go a little further than usual to look your best self? Nothing! This backless midi dress is elegant party wear that brings out the fashion diva in you to the surface on an occasion where expression of urbanity through the dress code is a high priority.

With a straight-shaped hem and round neck, this backless dress is a little extra sensual for you to set any event on fire, with blazes of glamour and sophistication all around. The dress is created with soft cotton blends with a regular sleeve pattern to ensure style and comfort remain intact throughout the seam of the fabric.

The look of the dress is modest and simple, making it meet the criteria of a dress that best suits an event where the exhibition of elegance and urbanity of the dress is primary.

#10 Leopard Crewneck Long-Sleeve Lace-Up Side Split Bodycon Dress

The timelessness of this Bodycon Maxi dress with a crew neck and the fierce leopard print is what makes it worthwhile. In addition, the versatility of this maxi dress makes it a perfect fit for any occasion. Nonetheless, Fall is the best time to slide this dress on.

The first thing that makes it so alluring is its print. The leopard print maxi dress that is available in white and black shades is an excellent way of bringing out the inner lioness of the wearer to the spotlight. You can steal the show and catch the attention of those around you conveniently because of the stunning silhouette of this dress.

This dress is a long-sleeved maxi dress that cracks the formality of the dress code with sophistication and glamour. With a slide split, the dress adds more to your sensuality, allowing you to flaunt your elegance.

The Bottom Line!

Evening gowns and glamorous formal dresses uplift the wearer’s charm while also playing an essential role in making them stand different from the rest around them. Some occasions, therefore, require your dress to be a remarkably appalling one.

To live up to the elegance and formality of the event, Shewin offers a wide range of stunning formal dresses and gorgeous evening gowns. Read or find more about these fashion pieces in a single click, you can always look them up on the internet.

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