10 Great Software Development Project Ideas for 2021

It’s hard to start a business without an idea. All begins with it – with an idea and a dream. But how to guess which statement will shoot in 2021? What digital products will conquer the IT market and hold out for years to come?

Many have an idea but do not know how to implement it. There is usually a lack of finance, willpower, a team, or a business plan. And now a great idea is gathering dust on the shelf. And even worse, your competitor is implementing it.

Lately, many new technologies have emerged, and not everyone is quick to master them when developing software. Many companies prefer to use custom software development services provided by mlsdev.com.

Below you will find a list of the most exciting software development ideas that could be an excellent solution for 2021.

1.Create time tracking software

Employee tracker provides a record of the working time that an employee spends on tasks. This solution especially helps business owners when working remotely – after all, this way, you can find out which employee and how much time he devotes to work, even without being next to him.

This idea may not sound too new, but you would be surprised to learn that many businesses are still looking for the best employee time tracking solution. So many businesses also make use of employee tracking software as it helps to manage remote staff so much and is really easy to use.

2. Analysis of opinions for social media platforms

Business idea for a million. The popularity of social networks can hardly be overestimated. What business would not like to collect all the data about its potential customers? Such an application collects and analyzes comments and reviews from social network users and defines them as positive and negative.

Such an analysis would significantly help companies make decisions about product development and better customer service.

3. Data leakage detection system

One of our time troubles is the constant leakage or theft of personal data on the Internet. For example, a program for detecting such leaks can find the source of the leak and prevent data leaks.

Such a project allows you to quickly track any possible sources of unauthorized leakage and immediately determine the source of data leakage when it is found in any unauthorized places or systems.

4. E-learning platform

How about building a shared e-learning platform that leverages cloud computing infrastructure for online learning. On such a platform, you can exchange your learning objects, modules, and content. Cloud computing will essentially encourage sharing a wide range of learning objects, allowing students to access them online easily.

One specific use case for an E-learning platform could be onboarding software for training new employees.

5. Camera motion sensor system

At the heart of this system is motion detection (even the most minor) and alarm reporting. The camera constantly monitors the environment, records images of any movement in real-time, and sets triggers for unusual actions in the surrounding area.

6. Smart investment solution

Many people would be able to invest if they knew how to approach them. Creating a system that would facilitate investment decisions, help analyze the market, make forecasts and at the same time have machine learning would help people get involved in investing without special knowledge.

7. Detection of credit card fraud

The theft of data from credit cards is a widespread problem in any country in the world. A fraudulent activity detection system could study and analyze user behavior patterns and use location scanning techniques to detect any unusual activity. The system uses geographic location to verify identity. If any unusual patterns are found, the user will need to go through the verification process again.

8. Get hotel booking software

How does it work? The software will book rooms at different hotels at the user’s choice. With an online booking system, the user can choose the name of the hotel, the name of the room, and book it in that particular hotel. Isn’t it convenient? It can be a solution for many businesses and leisure travelers.

The most convenient way to create such a service is a mobile application. By this link https://mlsdev.com/services/mobile-app-development, you can get a piece of advice on developing mobile applications.

9. Fingerprint voting system

Since fingerprint authentication is unique to each person, such a system identifies voters using their fingerprints. It helps the administrators to moderate the election participants, the authenticity of the voters, and their registration in the system. It sounds like the future we dream about, doesn’t it? By the way, recently, TechCrunch publishes an article about the need to protect online voting.

10. Telehealth app

The importance of health can hardly be overestimated, and in 2021 it comes to the fore. That is why telemedicine apps help

provide video and audio communication between doctors and patients. Those who need medical attention can share their health condition, general symptoms and receive professional medical care remotely. Check out the Stream article about the best telemedicine applications to get inspired.

11. Interpreter System

An interpreter is a computer program, which performs the actions described by the high-level program. You can check out Interpreter system by Interpreter.io.

To summarize

In 2021, many areas of our lives are waiting for innovative software projects. Before you dwell on any one idea, you need to study the market, review your competitors’ work, develop the concept that will take over the world, and draw up a business plan.

The secret to any success in software development is your experience and a reliable team of implementers.

The ideas in this article can be a starting point for your new business. Or they can inspire to create a fundamentally new solution.

Any idea is worthy of its embodiment if you believe in it.

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