Condos are the second most common form of accommodation in Singapore after HDB flats. Usually, they are smaller than 4-room HDB homes, but they give more freedom in terms of interior design. Indeed, renovating a condo is probably a lot easier than expected.

Still, some aspects need consideration. Moreover, there are still some guidelines that you must follow. If you ever need some smart condo interior design ideas, read our guide for a successful home renovation:

Check with the Officials

Before hacking down walls and repainting your home, make sure you comply with the government guidelines. Firstly, you have to apply for a renovation permit two weeks before starting work. Also, you must deposit a total of 2,200 dollars along with the application.

Bear in mind that any modifications of the original layout of your home must also go through approval. Typically, there are no strict limitations in style, colour palette or other aspects regarding the interior design. Perhaps, the only significant exceptions are the windows and grilles, as they regard the safety of your home.

Declutter and Reorganize

Perhaps, one of the general aims of condo interior design is to optimise the home space. That’s why every square meter is valuable. Indeed, you’d want to make the most out of your home by taking out all unwanted items and pieces of furniture.

If there’s something that you want to keep using from time to time, store it away. Also, you can think of buying multifunctional furniture that will offer more storage options.

Change the Colour Scheme

Undoubtedly, repainting your condo is the easiest way to make a dramatic change in your interior design. Of course, you should be well aware that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all colour. Still, some hues generally work well with smaller spaces.

For example, blush, white or grey are an excellent foundation for a chic or contemporary interior design. Besides, brighter colours are always suitable for creating contrast with the furniture. Remember to add an eye-catching accent here and there to keep the visual interest.

Scale Your Furniture

To some, choosing furniture has little to do with colours and combinations. Typically, homeowners neglect the size of their furnishing compared to the size of the rooms. Instead of letting your emotions choose your sofa and armchair, try scaling each piece to match your room size. In other words, you should put functionality before aesthetics because, in the end, you might get neither.

Room Dividers

Sometimes, open-plan concepts ruin the entire idea of privacy. While they open up valuable space that makes the condo appear more prominent, such layouts pose a danger for beginners. Avoid making a mess by using a room divider to separate your living room from your dining area. Better yet, you can get more privacy by using a room divider between the hall and the bedroom.

Window Treatments

Another way to control your interior is to install drapery or other window treatments. Typically, natural light is your biggest ally in visually expanding your space. However, it should be clear that it all must depend on your needs and preferences, especially at night. Whether you choose blinds, shades, or curtains, you certainly want to reassure your privacy when at home.

One great tip is to use oversized curtains. The floor-to-ceiling drapery will make the walls seem taller than they are, effectively expanding your interior visually.

Visual Perspective

When speaking of visual perspective, we can’t help but include the importance of mirrors. Indeed, they can be a vital instrument in visually expanding your condo. Make sure you scale your furniture properly to remove the visual barriers to enhance the effect.

Wall Art

Of course, any home would look empty without some wall decoration. Usually, the best way to adorn your walls is to showcase art. Depending on the size and theme, wall art can become the missing link that will add unique looks to the table. Be careful not to overcrowd your interior with unnecessary or boring paintings, though.

Neutral Tones

Without a doubt, neutral tones are the saving solution to any interior. Perhaps, you’re going for a particular style that doesn’t seem to work out well. In such cases, you can always turn to low-profile, modern and minimalistic aesthetics. While it’s easy-going, such a style delivers a sleek and clean look that’s brilliant for restricted spaces.

Zone Rooms

One room in your condo can serve multiple purposes when it comes to zoning. In this regard, you may combine different patterns, colours and furniture. That way, you’ll create invisible borders that will separate the different zones in your home. Alternatively, you can use a room divider or other creative solutions.

Final Thoughts

Finally, you don’t necessarily have to rely on your knowledge and decisions. Instead, you should find a professional interior designer. Luckily, plenty of experts on Homees will provide condo interior design ideas in Singapore. Ultimately, their experience and expertise will help you create your dream condominium design without spending a fortune.

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