10 Maintenance Tips for Sump Pump

There are many ways to prevent pouring into your basement. Some precautions you can take to avoid flooding include repairing foundation cracks, installation of basement window well covers, cleaning the downspouts. However, despite taking all the precautions if the water floods your basement, your only saviour is to install a sump pump in Seattle. This is the reason why you should maintain the sump pump properly.

Ten simple tips to maintain the Sump Pump 

The maintenance tips are discussed below. Use the tips to keep your sump pump well maintained.

  1. Functionalities of Sump Pump

To start with the maintenance, you need to have a well-versed knowledge of the product. By doing this you get to know the abilities, needs, and weaknesses of the sump pump. For starting knowing about the age, issues and replacement shops should be enough

  1. Check Periodically

Your basement won’t alarm you before flooding. Check the sump pump before every rainy season to ensure that it will function perfectly when needed. Confirm that your pump is connected to the power source of the pump.

  1. Clean the pump

Remove its lid and rinse the pump with a garden hose. With the help of a plastic scraper remove the debris sedimented. After it’s dry reattach them and plug them to its power.

  1. Check for the worn parts

Over time the moving parts of the sump pump can wear out which can restrict the pump to operate when the basement is flooding. There is a float switch that often fails so you need to replace it every two years.

  1. Discharge line is to be checked

Not all issues originate from your pup. If the water draining is slow it’s because your drainage pipe is not working. So, make sure you check your drainage pipe as well.

  1. Covering of sump pump

A proper covering of the pump can restrict the debris to get sediment in it. The covering shouldn’t have any opening other than the holes for the wires and the drainage pipe. Though it won’t keep you away from cleaning you will have fewer types of sediment to clean.

  1. Identify the signs of problems

Just like any other machine the sump pump also shows signs if it has any issue. You need to know them. Strange noises, rattling noises, or motor vibrating excessively are the signs that the pump needs your attention.

  1. Get a backup of a sump pump

Power cut is common during a heavy storm. A backup should always be there along with a sump pump. The pumps run on a battery and are an excellent backup that runs without electricity.

  1. Knowledge about the replacement 

When your pump is not working, you should know whom to call for any repairs or replacements.

  1. Install an alarm

The alarm will be audible when your pump stops working so that you can get alerted before having more damage. It also comes with WIFI compatibility so that it informs you when the alarm condition is about to occur.

A sump pump is the saviour of your basement. Try to maintain it in regular intervals. The above-discussed tips can help you to keep your sump pump away from damage. Best sump pump can be found in the market and online as well.

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