10 Points to Look Out forina Ghostwriter

Ghostwriting agencies are currently shooting up like mushrooms, but many supposedly cheap offers turn out to be a mistake in retrospect. Academic ghostwriters support prospective academics with scientific work, but also companies and institutions in creating a wide variety of texts. On the other hand, some agencies help students in tutoring only and not provide ghostwriting services, such as medicine interview tutoring, click here to see details of this interview tutoring and preparation. However, academic writing services often bring with on-time delivery problems, poor quality or untrustworthy behavior; these are just a few of the unpleasant things you can encounter. But do not worry, with our 10 tips you are on the safe side.

1.    The early bird catches the worm

It is extremely important that you submit your assignment early and discuss all the necessary details. It can often be observed that upcoming elaborations are postponed. Because time is too short, a ghostwriter is called in, but he then has to work in a rush to get the job done on time. Therefore, avoid this time pressure! Texts written with a lack of time are often of inferior quality because the research is neglected. Every good author knows that proper and well-founded research is the basis for a successful article.

2.    Beware of supposed bargains

You get a pleasantly cheap offer and want to give the ghostwriter the contract right away? Be careful and compare several agencies with each other. Particularly low prices should make you suspicious, because which academic would do your work for an hourly wage of a few dollars? Good ghostwriters have studied and have a sound journalistic and technical training. Dubious agencies that employ cheap workers can be behind cheap offers. You work according to the motto “crowd is great”, but in the end it means nothing but trouble for you. In the worst case, you will find a fraudster on the glue, so that you not only lose your money, but also get nothing in return. Then you won’t even have the time to look for a new ghostwriter. The professional competence should be the ghostwriter ideally be able to prove by certificate, so you know that you have found the right partner for your concern.

3.    Go for big names

In your search, give preference to well-known ghostwriting agencies because they are subject to competition and it can be assumed that they consistently deliver solid quality. They have their reputation to lose, while anonymous ghostwriters can simply disappear into the depths of the internet. Even if ghostwriter A can already show some references, that does not mean that he is also conscientiously processing your order. You are in better hands with an agency, especially since there is also a corresponding customer service.

4.    Study the imprint

The imprint of a website often leads to a deplorable existence and is rather ignored by most users. In the case of ghostwriting agencies, however, you should study it carefully: Is there an entry in the commercial register and is the registered office in the USA? If you can answer these points in the affirmative, the agency makes a serious impression, at least at first glance. An incomplete imprint, which also identifies a seat on the Virgin Islands, should, on the other hand, ring the alarm bells for you.

5.    The customer is king – test your favorites

Are you one of those people who don’t like to be a burden to others and who tend to act cautiously? Then you should leave this trait out of the picture and take a close look at the preferred agency. Prepare a lot of questions and send emails to the agency at regular intervals to test their response time and behavior. Remember, you’re paying good money for performance, so excellent customer service should go without sayingbe. Positive signals from the agency are quick responses within a few to a maximum of 24 hours as well as a neat and serious style. If the answers become increasingly shorter and unfriendly, then the agency will have little stamina to answer all your questions to your satisfaction and to fulfill all of your wishes.

6.    Paying is a tricky point

“Money ruins friendship”. This saying often applies to service providers as well. You probably know the situation where the polite and courteous saleswoman mutates into a nagging dragon when you leave the clothing store without buying anything. This kind of politeness can also be found in ghostwriting agencies, who will then quickly try to get you to pay. Here you should remain stubborn and demand performance first. A free synopsis or a sample text is the least that the agency should guarantee you. So be especially careful if you are asked to pay in advance. However, it’s okay for the agency to ask for interim payments. After all, she can’t live from hand to mouth either and is dependent on reliable customers. The last installment should, however, only be made when you hold your document in your hands and are completely satisfied with the quality, otherwise you are foregoing an important means of exerting pressure on the agency.

7.    Information is essential

You are a stranger to the ghostwriter. He doesn’t know your needs or your desires and beliefs. It is therefore important that you communicate all details regarding the assignment clearly and extensively. The ghostwriter has to know, for example, how you imagine the assignment, what personal opinion you have on scientific topics and what information material is already available to you. The more information you give the ghostwriter, the more convincing the result will be.

8.    Beware of plagiarism

Unfortunately, there are black sheep on the market who copy information from the Internet together. However, if there is plagiarism in your draft, you will run into serious problems later. It starts with the deduction of grades for quotes that have been made unrecognizable and then ranges from ” failed ” to de-registration. Even after many years, plagiarism can catch up with you and even cost you your career! Therefore, insist that an editor proofread your work and rely on agencies that automatically check for plagiarism. In addition, it can do no harm to read through the work again carefully and scan it with plagiarism software.

9.    Be kept up to date on a regular basis

Although you are delegating the job to a ghostwriter, you should still take care of the overall process. Go into an active exchange with the ghostwriter or the agency and get regular insight into the work. The key questions are:

  • How far has my work progressed?
  • What problems did you face?
  • Are there any ambiguities regarding the question or individual aspects?
  • Does the ghostwriter need additional information?
  • Is the time frame being met?

10. Play it safe and stay anonymous

The tenth and last point is perhaps the most important of the whole project: Always remain anonymous and carry out the order and payment under a third party name. Use a different account, for example from a friend. While discretion should be a top priority, you never know if the agency is really confidential. This approach maximizes your anonymity and makes you difficult to attack at a later point in time, for example if the ghostwriter steps out of his anonymity.

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