10 Reasons Why Holiday Inn Timeshare Cancellation is a Good Idea

If you’re planning a vacation, you might wanna check several options for a vacation home. A timeshare is a cheap substitute for vacation homes. There are several hundreds of companies dealing in timeshares. With a fleet of adept salespersons, the Holiday Inn Timeshare company is a prominent name in the industry. They would tempt you to invest in a timeshare for amazing vacations.

Whether timeshare is a liquid and quality investment, meaning one that provides a higher return, is another matter. It is certainly not the best option for a vacation location. Here are the 10 reasons why you should consider a Holiday Inn Timeshare Cancellation;

  1. Poor refund in the form of Holiday Inn points

Whatever the case, when you claim a refund, all you have is the credit points, which you bought at the time of purchase. The exchange rate is poor as well. The credit points you’ve can buy you items with poor discounts. So, a refund point policy for 90 days is not likely to do any good to you. You surely don’t want to lose your hard-earned money in timeshares.

  1. You’re bound to one destination for vacation

Plus, with a Holiday Inn Timeshare, you’re bound to one destination for your vacation. Think about buying a timeshare in a distant location. Connecting with friends in the same state or city could be a problem. What good is your vacation if you are bound to staying at one place the entire time? Are you traveling? Maybe with a timeshare, you’re just paying good money to relocate yourself.

  1. You’re bound to go at the same time every year

A Holiday Inn cancellation must be worth your time and money because with a timeshare you only get the same week every year. Think about the busy schedule you have as a work professional. Timeshares rob you of contingency planning. And, even if you have the freedom to go at any time during the year, the points system works only like a credit card. So, you might want to reconsider investing in a timeshare.

  1. It’s not an investment

The reason why should cancel your timeshare is that it’s not an investment. You’re going to lose money. The amount you pay for timeshare ownership and maintenance is too much for a short, sweet vacation at a similar destination every year.

  1. Commuting is not cheap

Since timeshare companies locate you at a similar spot every year, you might get bored of exploring the same nearby places every year. Going out and exploring will cost you a lot. So, commuting with a timeshare is not cheap at all.

  1. You have the burden of maintenance fee

Along with ownership, each year you have the burden of maintenance fee. Timeshares for vacations are nothing but an excuse to squander your hard-earned money. Book a few nights at a lavish hotel and save yourself from getting scammed by these clever salespersons.

  1. You technically do not own the property

Technically speaking, though you’ve paid for a timeshare, it doesn’t work as real estate. You only get access during vacations. For the rest of the year, your timeshare will be occupied with other so-called “investors”. So, technically, you don’t own the property.

  1. You lose the value of your money

Cancellation is the right option. The market is already saturated. Plus, several people are looking to sell their timeshares immediately after figuring out that they have been deceived by clever salespersons. So, the supply outweighs the demand. Plus, selling is just another scam.

  1. Cancellation policies never accommodate you

The policies you’ve for cancellation will never accommodate you. It’s always so intelligently crafted to manipulate you to enter into pump and dump schemes. Immediate cancellation might be the right option.

  1. Selling a timeshare is a mountain to climb

Selling a timeshare is the hardest thing you could think of doing. As mentioned earlier, you don’t gain anything. The parties who gain from this scam are the companies and their salespersons in the form of lucrative commissions. Timeshare selling consultants and companies ask for an upfront fee to process your request. Unfortunately, you’re never accommodated. So, a timeshare cancellation is a good idea.

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