10 Things You’re Probably Cleaning Incorrectly

Cleanliness is essential for a well-organized home. Everyone wants a cleaned house without knowing the best ways to clean it. The fact is that most people clean their homes and home accessories in the wrong way. Here are 10 common things that you’re probably cleaning incorrectly.

  1. Washing Windows When it’s a Sunny Day

Sunlight on your windows on a clear day may encourage you to clean and sanitize your glass, but there is a good reason to avoid cleaning your windows on a sunny day. Experts say that the cleaner dries very quickly due to the heat of the sun that can form lines before you get a chance to clean them. Before cleaning the glass check if it’s cool or not, if it’s cool then start washing or cleaning it otherwise let it cool. If you practice this technique, you will likely get a shinier window glass.

  1. Using Too Much Detergent for Washing Your Clothes

You will be thinking that more detergent is better for your laundry, but the truth is extra detergent is bad for your clothes and for your machine as well. Experts say that if you use more detergent than the recommended amount, it will damage your clothes and create a residue on them, and may cause some sprain to the motor of the machine. Use the only recommended amount of detergent to prevent this mistake.

  1. Not Cleaning Your Vacuum

If you are cleaning your home without cleaning your vacuum, you are just wasting your time and will end up not getting clean floors and carpets says Heba Noureldine, a home-cleaning expert at CleaningCompany.ae The worst thing is, a filled vacuum is heated up very quickly and causes motor failure.

Try to clean your vacuum when it’s halfway full to avoid this mistake and make it a habit to disassemble your vacuum to clean all of the parts with warm water and a little washing detergent.

  1. Cleaning the Floors First

Most of the people start cleaning the floors and then moving towards mopping and end with dusting. But the best way is vice versa. When you do dusting, all the dust and dirt fall on floors, and the cleaned floors get dirty again. That’s why use a top-down approach: starting with dusting, then vacuuming floors, and finishing up with mopping.

  1. Using Abrasive Products on Stainless Steel

Many people use abrasive products containing chlorine and ammonia on stainless steel. It can cause damage to stainless steel appliances. Worst of all, when they use a mixture of ammonia-based cleaners and chlorine cleaners at the same time; they produce dangerous chemical forms that harm stainless steel as well as human health. For Meg Roberts, president of Molly Maid, to avoid this mistake, you should clean stainless steel appliances with warm water and a bit of soap.

  1. Using Spray Cleaners on Electronics

There are many people who use spry cleaners on their electronic products such as TVs, LCDs, or laptops that can damage the screens of their electronics.  Never use spray cleaners, instead use microfiber cloths. Plus don’t spry directly onto electronics ‘screens, instead spry on clothes.

  1. Using Chemical wipes on cell Phone Screen

It may make sense to use a glass cleaner on your cell phone screens but in fact, using any type of cleaners containing chemicals can damage your phone’s protective coatings. According to cell phone distributors, to clean your cell phone’s screens, you should use microfiber cloths.

  1. Not Cleaning the Washing Machine

One of the most used appliances of the home is a washing machine. People often use them again and again without washing them. Washing machines can also build up with dust and stains that lead to smelly and stinky clothes. You should avoid this mistake by cleaning it to get fresher clothes. For this purpose, you can use white vinegar or bleach to clean the washing machine.

  1. Using Dirty Cleaning Clothes

To clean home appliances you don’t need a fresh and clean cloth, right? No! This is a wrong statement.  If you are using unclean cloth over and over again for dusting and cleaning without washing them, you are not really cleaning anything. You are spreading bacteria unintentionally to the areas where you are using unclean cloth. To get a clean and stain-free home, you need to wash the cleaning cloth on a regular basis. For this purpose, use microfiber cloths that will not leave any lint behind and can be washed in a washing machine whenever they need to clean.

  1. Using a Feather Duster

There are hundreds of advertisements showing the benefits of using feather dusters, but believe it or not, they are the worst in dusting. They only spread dust from one surface to another rather than cleaning it. It is way better to use a microfiber cloth or disposable paper towel or a damp cotton rag with the appropriate cleaning solutions to get a more cleaned item.

Avoid these cleaning mistakes and you will end up getting a more neat and clean home without doing much.

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