If you have been living under a rock, you probably missed the biggest hotel revolution in decades. 

AirBNB has taken over the trillion-dollar tourism industry, and it’s only a matter of time before it reaches maturity. That’s why 10XBNB is sharing their secrets with you.

They make bold claims, such as that you can achieve financial freedom from hosting on AirBNB within a few months—even if you have no money.

Sounds too good to be true? 

Well, in this 10XBNB review, we will go deep into that system to determine if it’s legit or not – let’s go!

What Is 10XBNB?

Well, it’s a pretty simple concept: what if you could learn a blueprint for generating passive income on Airbnb?

In fact, what if you could generate 100% of your monthly income through Airbnb?

That’s exactly what the guys behind the program have done by tapping into the existing needs of the industry, bringing a whole new market to the table and turning their AirBnB business into a money-making machine.

After a lot of trial and error, they found the holy grail of real estate investing: a new technique called “bed flipping” that gives birth to the foundation of the 10XBNB program: the Perfect Host System -a 3-step blueprint to scale up on Airbnb and generate top %1 results on each property, in any niche.

The best part?

They’ll walk you through the entire process, and you’ll spend no more than two or three hours total per week building your own business. 

Who created 10XBNB?

The 10XBNB program was created by Shaun Ghavami and Ari Rahmanian.  

If you’re a young entrepreneur, especially a millennial, the idea of living the American dream through business ownership may sound unattainable. But that’s what Shaun and Ari did. 

They both came from immigrant families. They went to college together in Canada, where they became friends. 

Each had a middle-class upbringing filled with traditional values and aspirations—go to school, get good grades, make lots of money, retire at 65 on a fat pension plan.

In our parents’ generation, this was achievable because there were so many jobs available at big companies that could pay you your entire career salary by the time you hit your mid-20s. 

But those jobs are disappearing fast now that automation has rendered most of them obsolete. And we have been forced to adapt to new economic realities.

So, for many of us, it might be tough to imagine starting off life by living in our parents’ basement or working for pennies as an unpaid intern for years before we’ve even made enough money to rent our own place. 

But Shaun and Ari did just that—and then they took it one step further: 

A few years ago, Shaun and Ari noticed there was a huge opportunity in AirBnB and that they could help people make money on renting out their spare bedrooms. 

They had a lot of success with this idea, and as soon as they saw that it was working for them (they were pulling in $500 per month), they wanted to know more about what was going on behind the scenes. 

They wanted to know how this AirBnB thing worked, and how they could not only rent out rooms but also rent out entire homes.

After 2 years of hard work, they finally found what works for them. 

Now they own a company named Iconic Retreats, have over 3,000 guests who stayed at their properties, and they have over 1,000 5-star reviews on AirBnB.

This amount of success, and the ambition that drives them everyday, pushed Shaun and Ari to create the 10XBNB program, and it’s inside the program where they share and break down all the knowledge they’d acquired in building their own 6-figures AirBnB business. 

What is included in the 10XBNB program?

The 10XBNB team has put together a variety of packages to suit your needs:

  • 10XBNB Diamond Package 

The 10XBNB Diamond Package is their done-for-you option that gives you fast access to expert guidance and support in every part of your Airbnb journey. From sourcing properties to on-the-ground management, they’ve got you covered.

This is perfect for folks who want a fast start and have money to invest instead of time. 

Whether it’s one property or eight, they help you take care of:

  1. Property Sourcing 
  2. Management & Servicing 
  3. Marketing & Optimization
  4. Accounting & Tax Support 

This package comes with:

  1. Access to the 10XBNB course 
  2. Weekly live group coaching sessions 
  3. Access to the 10XBNB exclusive community
  4. Strategic Launch Consultation Call
  5. Five 1-on-1 calls with certified AirBnB coaches
  6. VIP Ticket to the 10XBNB live event 
  7. 10XBNB “Rich Niche” Strategy Creation
  8. 10XBNB Magic Word PDFs 
  9. Done-for you marketing brochure 
  10. Done-for-you contract system
  11. AirBnB Listing Creation & Full SEO Optimization
  12. 100% “Done For You” Automated Superhero Pricing and Revenue Management 
  13. 20 hours of certified expert Virtual Assistant credit

2) 10XBNB VIP Package

The 10XBNB VIP package is the only one where you get to work with the 10XBNB team shoulder-to-shoulder. In other words, they’ll be your personal mentors, and they’ll help you from day 1 all the way through building a profitable business with AirBnB. 

What’s included in this package?

Well, you’ll basically get most of what’s included in the 10XBNB Diamond Package, with some changes:

  • Access to the 10XBNB course 
  • Weekly live group coaching sessions 
  • Access to the 10XBNB exclusive community
  • Free General Admission ticket to the 10XBNB live event
  • 10XBNB “Rich Niche” Review
  • 10XBNB Magic Word PDFs
  • Marketing Brochure template 
    1. Done-for-you contract system
  • Unlimited AirBnB listing & SEO reviews
  • Superhero Pricing Review and Revenue Management Consulting 
  • 5 hours of certified Virtual Assistant credits

3) 10XBNB Standard Package

This is a great option for those who are more experienced in real estate and/or people who are really good at figuring things out on their own.

If you choose the 10XBNB Standard Package, you’ll have the same 14 training videos, weekly live calls, and access to their private community.

But you’ll get zero 1-on-1 coaching with us. This means that you’re not going to get any personal advice or help with things like niche selection, or how to price your listing.

Here’s what you still get: 

  • Full access to all content from the entire course and the 10XBNB community
  • Entry into a drawing for free ticket to the 10XBNB live event
  • 10XBNB Magic Word PDFs 
  • Marketing Brochure Template 
  • Done-for-you contract system
  • Superhero Pricing Formula 


  • Scholarships

Right now, they’re offering some scholarships on a limited time basis. The scholarships cover between $2,000 to $5,000 of the 10XBNB program fees. 

  • Propietary Income Calculators

You’ll get access to their own proprietary tools and calculators that they use to get a better understanding of the ins and outs of this AirBnB industry and helps them find the best opportunities out there. 

The Pros & Cons of the 10XBNB program


  1. With 10XBNB, you can invest in real estate without having to have cash or experience.
  2. You’ll get a step-by-step process on how to get started, with tons of resources along the way so you don’t have to
  3. Great mentors that are constantly there for you and answer any questions you have right away.
  4. You have the option of getting professional property management and they take care of everything
  5. The 10XBNB program has been around since 2018, and is a proven business model
  6. AirBnB real estate is a great way to build wealth (especially using leverage)
  7. There is great demand for short term rentals due to Airbnb, and other companies like it.
  8. Airbnb has disrupted the entire hospitality industry, and their growth continues to increase.


The main con, and probably the only one of this course, is its price. While they offer many options for those on a budget, if you don’t have savings or a steady job, the 10XBNB may not be the best option right now for you. 

How much does the 10XBNB cost?

  • The 10XBNB diamond package costs $30,000. 
  • The 10XBNB VIP package costs $15,000. 
  • The 10XBNB standard package costs $7,000. 

These are all one-time fees and do not carry any additional charges or annual dues.

My Verdict on 10xBNB: Revolutionary Or Scam?

The 10XBNB program is a legit wait of building wealth with AirBnB, because you’ll get the blueprint of two experts that have proven to build and maintain what they promise to you: a 6-figure AirBnB business.

But, as with any other business model, you can only become successful if you put in the work. 

There’s no such thing as getting rich overnight and without doing something. With hard work and commitment, it won’t take long to grow your AirBnB business, though.

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