It doesn’t matter if it’s their first home purchase or a leased apartment located across town; moving into a new place is an exciting time. While it may be joyous, it’s also stressful and tiring. As such, it’s easy to overlook or completely forget about some of the little things their new home will need and may only realize it when it’s time to unpack. That said, they could probably use a little help.

For those looking for an ideal housewarming gift as opposed to the old reliable gift card, we’ve got a great list of small things that may fit the bill.

Brighten Up the Home

While there are a few essentials in the next section, we wanted to cover a couple of gifts that are thoughtful gestures here.

  1. Plants: You might be surprised how a few small houseplants can brighten up a room as well as your friend’s day.
  2. Lamps: Nice and affordable lamps are easy to find, especially if you visit secondhand shops.
  3. Essential Oils: An essential oil diffuser is a great housewarming gift that they’ll be reminded of every time they walk in the room and smell its great scent.
  4. Candles: You can never go wrong with an assortment of candles for around the house. Get creative and get a small variety so they can choose their favorites for each room.
  5. Something Personal & Special: If you want to give them something unique, photo magnets are a great option. They are functional and will remind them of you.

For the Kitchen

This can be an especially helpful area if they are moving into their very first place on their own. While most of us are usually covered with the essentials like plates and silverware, there are a few things you can gift them that’ll help make their new kitchen perfect.

  1. Coffee Maker: Even if they’re not everyday drinkers, chances are they’ll have visitors that need their daily cup of joe. Giving them a good single-cup coffee maker is a practical and thoughtful gift.
  2. Storage: Aside from checking out the available cabinet space, chances are they haven’t given much thought to storage. Microwavable nesting storage bowls are great as they take up little space when not in use and are useful for popping leftovers straight from the fridge to the microwave.

Individual Gifts

If it’s a single friend that you need a housewarming gift for, consider the following.

  1. For Him: Every man needs a set of tools, especially to use around the house.
  2. For Her: A tool kit may work for her too, but a customizable teddy bear will be a gift she remembers forever.

Other Housewarming Ideas to Consider

We also have a few “outside the box” gifts that may be perfect for the occasion.

  1. The Bedroom: A brand new set of sheets and bedding, perhaps with a matching set of curtains, can pair perfectly with a new home.
  2. Outside: A brand new fire pit can provide hours and hours of enjoyment out on the back porch.
  3. Security: Give them the gift of peace of mind with a video doorbell that they can access remotely.
  4. More Security: A Wi-Fi Smart Lock will give them complete control over who can enter the home and is the perfect gift for those looking to create a smart home.

Housewarming gifts don’t have to be expensive. As long as it comes from the heart, your friend or family member is almost certain to enjoy it for a long time to come.

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