Believe it or not, Halloween is more than just candy, costumes and carved pumpkins. Dreaming about Halloween crafts is another way to get excited about this important day. Encourage your children to unleash their creativity and enjoy the time playing various Halloween crafts with their family, whether they like scary concepts or more adorable projects. Until October 31st, these Halloween crafts are fun to complete together (yes, even for adults). You can use them to decorate your porch for trick-or-treating people, prepare your home for a Halloween party, or just to have fun making it with your little monster.

Sparkling Pumpkin Mason Jar

Have you fallen into the craze of masons? If you haven’t, here is your craft! Apply a few coats of pearl orange paint to the mason jar with a sparkling orange hue. Add permanent vinyl on the top for the characteristic of the jack-o-lantern. Use it as a snack jar, decoration or whatever you like throughout the season. It will be fun for kids, and it looks great in your front hall, where guests can buy some Halloween gummy or candy.

Tombstone chair cover

We love Jack O’Lantern Crafts. We usually make a quick and fun Halloween Craft. Print out the tombstone templates with cricut and weed the printable vinyl with tweezers so that they can be used as templates. Then use a heat press to print it onto the chair cover (Recently I found a useful and cheap shop —htvront, their mini heat press is portable and easy to use. And their vinyl is cheap but high-quality), place it in the center of the pillow cover, and place it in a position that feels appropriate, and then wait for a while, your handicraft is complete!

Halloween wreath

This looks fancy, but it’s actually very simple: just wrap the foam garland with a sticky border or decorative tape to get a colorful layered look. Hang it with a ribbon of a coordinated or contrasting pattern or color.

 Cotton Ball Ghost

This sweet and simple craft is very suitable for preschoolers. Outline a ghost shape and let them glue a cotton ball with a glue stick to create a slender, whimsical ghost.

Ghost pop

These are great gifts for classmates, neighbors or friends. Starting with any round lollipop, cover each lollipop with white fabric and secure it with baker’s twine. Use a fine-pointed black pen to draw on the face of the ghost.

Painted Rock Ghost

Painting stones will never go out of style, especially when you mix gooey eyes with monster faces. Once they are dry, you can spread them throughout the house for a temporary treasure hunt. Smooth stones form the basis of this project: look for them in nature, or just buy a bag in a craft store. Paint them white and use a black permanent marker to give your ghost all the expressions you can think of.

Table tennis ghost lamp

Kids will like to create some super scary lights, and then they can hang them in their room or bed frame until October 31st.

Pompom Pumpkin

Under some supervision, children can add pop music with fuzzy colors to painted pumpkins. Once they sort a range of sizes and colors, use hot glue to fix the pompoms in rows or clusters (this is your job).

Crayon dripping pumpkin

Use this simple and child-friendly craft to bring old crayons back to life. First remove the paper packaging of the crayons, and then divide the crayons into small pieces (or use the rest of the old artwork). One at a time, place the crayons near the pumpkin stems and melt them with a hair dryer at low temperature. When they start to melt, move the pumpkin to control dripping. Repeat the whole pumpkin and let it dry completely.

Ghost wreath

These cute ghosts can easily decorate any place in your home. First, the accordion folds the paper into approximately 3 inches. Then, draw a ghost shape on the top sheet, make sure it has arms attached to the edge of the paper, and cut out the shape. If you want to repeat with more paper, make it longer and connect the wires with scotch tape.

Pumpkin Tic Tac Toe

Really, Halloween should be full of fun and games! Children will have fun from this simple DIY Tic Tac Toe game. This game is as simple as drawing X and O on your little pumpkin, then use tape to create a tic, tac and toe board on the table. Kids can use festive washi tape and glitter paper to help make this game-and then use it to play a round of fun old Tic Tac Toe game!

Kitten pumpkin

Get ready for the cutest pumpkin! First mark a circle on the top of the big pumpkin, and then use a carving tool or a sturdy serrated knife to cut it off. (If using a real pumpkin, remove all the pulp and seeds from the inside with a large metal spoon.) Paint the mini pumpkin with two coats of black spray paint, and then dry it completely. Use hot glue to add rhinestones, embroidery thread beard and pompom nose to the eyes. Cut out cat ears from velvet paper and glue each ear to a toothpick. Insert a toothpick into the top of the pumpkin. Fill the big pumpkin with shredded newspaper, and put the kitten pumpkin on it. Fill the water pipe with water and fresh cut flowers, and then put it in the pumpkin. Change the water every other day.

Multi-purpose trick or treat bag

Children will like to decorate their snack bags to collect their goodies on Halloween night.Following directions, mix bottles of tan and tangerine dyes to color bag a burnt-orange shade.When dry, place sticky-back dots on bag and a corresponding dot on back of each appliqué. Attach appliqués to bag.

Halloween ghost eyeball slime

It is creepy, and weird, mysterious and weird, completely creepy-it is an eyeball mucus that does not contain any potentially harmful ingredients (cough cough, borax).

Halloween broom candy bag

Which witch doesn’t want to steal these broomsticks, especially because they are filled with delicious candy corn? These broom bags are simple handicrafts and can be used as cute party gifts.

If you like all the handprints I have here, start making them now!

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