15 Tips To Throw A Great Party

No matter if it’s a holiday party or you are just getting a group of friends to come over, here are some of the best tips that you should be using to guarantee a fun party.

  1. Pick a Theme For Your Party

Having a theme is one of the precursors to a guaranteed fun time. A lot of people love to get dressed up for a themed party. You could throw a classic ugly sweater-themed party or come up with something unique and creative. There are endless creative ideas for each and every theme that you will pick for the day. You can spice the party up with specific food, decorations, and activities. If you take football as a theme, for example, you could make mini-pizzas shaped like footballs or a cake shaped like a football field. For something a bit more sophisticated, try filling the space with custom-made inflatable football helmets, that may come in different sizes, but the giant one will add the wow factor to your party. You can even add some built-in lights and beanbags to lounge inside. Dividing guests into groups and playing football from the smallest to the eldest is the simplest and most entertaining activity to think of. Summing up, there is no need to underestimate human creativity in planning a party and enjoying the day.

  1. Hold Contests

If you are going to go for a themed party, you might want to consider making it a contest. Making it a contest will bring out the competitive edge in attendees. This will generate more buzz about your party and it will encourage people to participate in the theme. Provide guests with light up guns that blow bubbles for a fun twist.

  1. Build The Hype

You want to be leveraging the power of social media. Social media is one of the most powerful tools that you can use to drive people to your party. Consider creating a unique hashtag about your party. This will get people talking about it, sharing news of it, and building excitement for it.

  1. Be Creative

Send out unique invites. Add pictures and make your invite appealing. This will get more people to see it and respond to it.

  1. Send Out Reminders

The fact is, a lot of people might forget about your party if you set the date far out. Always send out reminders to those who’ve said they are coming before the event taking place. Sending out consistent reminders will keep the party in the back of people’s minds. You also want to share it on Facebook and even sound out emails so it shows up on their calendars. By reminding people occasionally, you can increase the chances you don’t have no-shows that are meant to come.

  1. Make Lists

You want to start making lists right away. Making preparations is key to having a successful party. You don’t want to forget to do or get anything. Making a list is a good way to avoid this problem.

  1. Plan The Food

You want to plan the food ahead of time. Create a menu that fits well within the overall theme of your party. For instance, if you are hosting a beach-themed party, you might want to serve beach-inspired food.

  1. Plan The Drinks

Do the same thing with the drinks. If you are going to have a theme, you want the drink menu to fit that theme. In the example of having a beach-themed party, you’ll want to serve beach-themed cocktails and drinks.

  1. Plan For Decorations

While your party doesn’t have to use a huge budget for decorations, you should allocate some for decorations. That way, you can create a good atmosphere for people to get immersed in.

  1. Prep For Everything Ahead Of Time

Try to prep as much as possible ahead of time. You want to give yourself a good amount of time for preparation to ensure you don’t end up with a hundred things to do last minute.

  1. Clean Up

You want to clean the event location whether it be your home or elsewhere. No one wants to go to a party in an unclean location.

  1. Get Ready

You want to be ready as much as 1 hour before your party starts. This way, you don’t find yourself scrambling to do your hair or to find an outfit to wear before guests arriving.

  1. Set The Mood

You want to try to come up with a playlist that fits the theme of your party. Try to find something that people can vibe with.

  1. Plan For Early Arrivals

Not everyone is going to arrive fashionably late. Plan for people to arrive ahead of time.

  1. Play The Host

You need to roam around the room as guests arrive. Take a few moments to thank them for coming and to chat with them and continue until you’ve exchanged greetings and words with everyone.

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