Page Numbers To Your PDF

Page numbers are strategically placed to keep your files organized. On top of that, it makes it easier for readers to navigate, especially if you have a lot of pages. For businesses, adding page numbers can make their documents look more professional. Whatever the reason may be, it is no secret that page numbers have become a crucial part of a file. But what if you need them for a PDF file? It can get tricky, especially since PDF files are known to be uneditable. Today, we will teach you a few tricks on adding numbers to your PDF files in seconds! Here are a few ways to do it.

  • Use an online tool

If you are someone who does not handle e-files that often, then resorting to an online tool is the best solution. When it comes to such a task, you can check out PDFBear! It is an all-in-one cloud-based tool for all your PDF needs, including adding page numbers. There are times that we tend to forget adding numbers to our files, only to realize after converting them into a PDF file. Lucky for you, PDFBear specializes in PDF files. To use its tools, no need to register as a member or pay any subscription fee.

To add pages to PDF, go to and click Number Pages. The next step is to choose the file that you want to edit and wait for the upload to be completed. Next, choose the position where you want to add the numbers. You may put it at the top of the bottom part of the file. Click Number Pages when you are done and wait for PDFBear to process your request. In under a minute, you will be able to download the final file to your device.

Pros of using PDFBear:

  1. Easy to navigate the website.
  2. Can process your request in less than a minute.
  3. Convenient sharing options.
  4. Free to use without registering.
  5. Compatible with all platforms and browsers.
  6. Secure website.
  7. All processes will take place on the cloud, no computer capacity will be used.
  8. You can use a phone to access the website.

Cons of using PDFBear:

  1. You need access to the internet to use its features.
  2. Limited customization options.
  3. May not able to process a large file size.
  4. No option to put headers, footer, and bate numbers.
  •  Download a software

It is the traditional way of adding page numbers to your PDF files. Of course, the best software to use is the same company who created the PDF format: Adobe Acrobat. If you edit PDF files daily, then downloading software may be a viable solution for you. Adobe Acrobat X Standard retails for $185.00, with no recurring fees.

Aside from page numbers, you can also put headers, footers, and bate numbers for legal documents. To start, open Adobe Acrobat on your device. Choose the file that you want to edit, go to Tools, then Edit PDF. Check the secondary toolbar, then click Header and Footer, then choose Add. You all have to specify the fonts and margin value before proceeding. To add the page numbers, click the box, then click Page Number And Date Format. If you want to add the page numbers within a specific page range, you may do so by clicking Page Range Options. There is also a Preview page where you can check out the positions of the page numbers. You can save the file when you are satisfied.

Pros of using Adobe Acrobat:

  1. More customization options.
  2. Aside from page numbers, you can also add bates numbers, footers, and headers.
  3. You can use the software offline.
  4. Gives you more control over your file when editing.
  5. Option to retrieve an unsaved file.
  6. Recommended for professionals who edit files daily.

Cons of using Adobe Acrobat:

  1. Subscription fee may be too much for someone who needs the tool for one-time use only.
  2. Software will consume storage space.
  3. Software compatibility issues.
  4. The process may be technical for a beginner.

Choose your tool!

As you can see, there are pros and cons for both tools that you can use to add page numbers to your PDF files. It is only a matter of picking which one suits your needs the most. First-time users may find PDFBear more accessible, but the range of customization is one of Adobe Acrobat’s advantages. But one thing is for sure, both options are reliable and tested!

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