3 Alternative Uses For Your Used Wooden Pallets

If you are a business owner who uses pallets a lot, one thing is for sure, and that is, you have used pallets lying around. I mean those knocked-off wooden pallets that are beyond repair and are just taking up space. But I understand, it’s hard to just depart with what you spent your hard-earned money on. No, not just like that. And you don’t have to, because right here, I will show you some of the simple DIYer projects you can put those “useless” junks for. By the way, if you want to put an end to an untimely pallet purchase, I suggest purchasing your pallet from this wooden pallet company.

Let’s get started with…

Building A Headboard Without…You Know…Being An Expert Carpenter

The great thing about DIYing with wooden pallets is that you have fewer sawing and sanding jobs to do. Generally, the boards used for these pallets are cut to sizes already. Though depending on the shape and size of the headboard you’re gunning for, you may still need to saw and sand. In that case, if you’re new to DIY projects, I suggest going through the helpful DIY youtube videos you’ll find online. Otherwise, here’s a simple way to build a simple headboard from scratch, using 2 wooden pallets.

  • Saw each of the 2 pallets vertically, in halves.
  • Arrange the 4 parts in 2s, each group of 2 arranged this way; one under the other as arranged on the floor.
  • Nail each part of 2 to form a vertically longer piece. Repeat for the second group.
  • Saw the extended top to achieve the right length if it’s too long.
  • Use the piece cut off to join the newly built 2 pieces together at the vertical top and vertical bottom.
  • Now, you have one solid piece.
  • Sand it and spray or paint for aesthetics.

Carving Vintage Photoframes That Do Not Fall Off When Hung

Now, if you have a lot of nice photographs that you would like to hang on the wall, whether at home or in the office at the store/warehouse, this is a great way to put those forsaken pallets to use. For good. Follow this simple process to design your cool vintage photographs using used pallets.

  • Get the diagrams of the styles and designs of frames you’re looking to build.
  • You can get some super-cool vintage photo frame ideas from Pinterest.
  • Measure the length of your photographs.
  • Saw the boards of your wooden pallet to the size of the photographs + 1 inch.
  • Nail the saw boards to form a frame.
  • Sand and paint/spray to your interest.

Pave Wooden Paths That Do Not Wear Out

If you’re looking to take scenic strolls around your properties (the garden, lawn, or farm) without stepping through the mud, I suggest building paths with those sorry pallets. Mostly, all you have to do is dismantle the boards and just nail them directly to the floor. In most cases though, you will need to use the complete flat surfaces of the pallets. All you have to do is saw them out and lay them over the path you mean to cover in woods.

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