In a Zoom meeting, recording it while it’s ongoing saves it to a cloud. Later on, Zoom generates a transcript of the spoken words. It’s accessible together when viewing the recorded video. But what are Zoom recording transcripts? Understand it more as you read along with this quick guide. 

Benefits of Zoom Recording Transcripts

Zoom call transcription is advantageous. Here’s why. 

Undivided attention

Transcription software for a Zoom meeting or webinar saves participants from scribbling notes. They get to enjoy and savor all the details during the conversations. Raising follow-up questions is not hard to do since you have undivided attention. 

Also, knowing that you have Zoom reading transcripts at the end ensures you can uncover critical information. Plus, there’s little to no chance of missing out on tiny details. 

Easy to track calls

Aside from maintaining focus on the talk, keeping track of the entire Zoom conversation is easy. Also, you can decipher what the speaker or participants meant. Recalling through jotted notes is sometimes tricky. It’s pretty hard to interpret what the talk is all about. 

But with Zoom recording transcripts, taking a recap of what transpired in the meeting is fast. Plus, you can pinpoint vital details without much workload. 

Complete documentation

There’s a high chance of missing something out when writing it down in every meeting or webinar. But with a Zoom transcript, every little piece of information is at the tip of your fingertips. 

With a recorded and transcribed Zoom, you have the entire talk in a written form. So, there’s a better possibility of having a detailed note than your personal handwriting. Plus, it lessens the labor on your shoulder. 

Securing a Zoom transcript is indeed essential. It comes in handy when you get carried away with the discussion that you only placed it on a mental note, which you might forget as well. That’s why a lot utilizes a Zoom recording transcript nowadays. 

How to enable Zoom Transcription

Zoom audio transcript automatically converts the audio of any lecture or meeting. Afterward, the recorded clip saves into the cloud. Then, it creates a transcript file with it. 

The processed transcript is in the format of a .vtt text file. It comes into divided sections that indicate the timestamp of the recording with a text portion. 

Also, the Zoom recording transcript is editable. Therefore, make necessary changes to increase its accuracy. However, bear in mind that the audio transcription of Zoom only supports one language – Zoom. 

If you want to enable the transcription feature of Zoom, follow these steps.

  1. Sign in to your Zoom account. 
  2. Click Settings in the navigation menu. 
  3. Look into the Recording tab. 
  4. Select the Cloud Recording button. 
  5. Verify the Enabled setting. 
  6. Afterwards, go to the settings of Advanced cloud recording
  7. Tick the Audio transcript box to enable it. 
  8. Don’t forget to tap Save to confirm the changes made. 

You are now one step ahead in securing a detailed Zoom recording transcript with these. 

Quick Tips: Use of Zoom Transcripts

Once the meeting or session ends, expect an email that shows where the cloud recording is available. Afterward, you’ll get another email that indicates the audio transcript. Save the email since it has links that access the recordings and transcript. 

You can also make the necessary changes to keep the transcript more detailed and accurate if you can view the file. 


In some cases, the written record needs corrections. For example, some words need proper capitalization or punctuation marks, while others lack the correct one. But what matters is that Zoom recording transcript lets you view and edit it. 

  1. Log in to your Zoom account. 
  2. Click Recordings in the navigation menu. 
  3. Look into the file name of the recorded meeting in the Recording files. 
  4. Select the Play button. The text appears on the right side as the video plays. 
  5. Edit the words or phrases by clicking the Pencil icon. 
  6. Afterwards, tick the Checkmark box to confirm the changes. 
  7. Play the updated version while you listen to the audio file. 

With that, you increased the level of accuracy of your Zoom recording transcript. 


Aside from the view and edit feature, Zoom transcripts enable you to search for a text or phrase within it. So, there’s no need to playback and listen all over again for an hour recording. Instead, here’s how you can access it. 

  1. Check in to your Zoom account. 
  2. Click Recordings in the navigation menu. 
  3. If you are an admin account, click Account Management. Next, look into Recording Management
  4. Enter the word or phrase you need at the Search text in the audio transcript text box. 
  5. Afterwards, tap the Search button. See the highlighted words that match it. 
  6. Tick the View Detail option to access the entire transcript. It is on the right side. 
  7. Tap the Audio Transcript tab to see the matching text in it. 

You can quickly pinpoint vital details during the Zoom session through the steps above. It saves much of your time. Instead of going back and forth on the audio or video file, you can quickly review it at the Zoom recording transcripts. 

Best Alternative: Transcribe for Zoom Transcripts

Aside from the automated Zoom transcripts, there are other ways to transcribe a meeting or interview. 

Transcribe by Wreally

Transcribe by Wreally is a fast and secure way to convert an audio file to text. Its AI transcription ensures the privacy and protection of all sensitive information. 

Also, it does not only transcribe audio recordings from Zoom. It converts all sorts of speech like phone calls, videos, interviews, podcasts, and many more. So as long as there’s a recorded speech, Transcribe can efficiently do its work. 

Transcribe has a feature that scopes more than 80 languages. It is far from the Zoom capability, which is English language only. Transcribe exports transcripts to various formats, including txt, doc, and subtitle files. 

The best part of it is that Transcribe works effectively in different ways. 

Magical Automatic Transcription. Upload a Zoom recording and get a machine-generated transcript in an instant. 

Voice Type with Dictation. Play and dictate an audio file and see how to Transcribe voice-type it for you. 

Self-Transcription. Load and play the Zoom recording in the Transcribe player and type it using shortcuts. 

Foot Pedal Integration. Load, play and control the audio recording with a foot pedal as you type the transcription. 

Transcribe indeed proves how efficient it is for Zoom recording transcripts. Get the work done fast and precisely by applying the genius AI transcription.

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