In all of its various incarnations, tooth decay poses a serious risk to the integrity of the teeth, gums, and smile as a whole. It prompts us to check out this dentist in hudgins who provides different dental services to keep tooth decay at bay. While tooth decay typically begins as a mere cavity, something virtually all of us experience at least once throughout some point in our lifetimes, if left unchecked, this infection will continue its course and have much more dire consequences on the oral anatomy. 

Thankfully, there are talented dental professionals capable of rectifying any case of tooth decay, no matter how severely it’s impacted a patient’s smile. 

Defining Tooth Decay

“What exactly is tooth decay”, you might ask. Well, it’s simple, tooth decay is the damage which occurs on behalf of bacteria buildup. If particular areas of the teeth are not properly brushed or flossed, plaque and tartar accumulate, allowing their acidic qualities to eat away at the tooth’s surface. 

This scenario sets the stage for the common cavity; a hole in the tooth which infects its outer surface, also known as the enamel. However, every tooth’s structure is constituted of more than just this durable outer white shell. The enamel encases the more sensitive areas of the tooth below, acting as a shield for the dentin and pulp layers which lie beneath.

While a cavity is definitely a form of tooth decay, it’s synonymous with the earlier stages of the process. If a cavity is left to its own devices, it will eventually fester its way deeper into the structure of the tooth and infect the crucial areas mentioned previously. Scenarios like this paint the picture of a more serious form of tooth decay, often associated with severe pain, bleeding, puss, sensitivity, and even permanent bone and tooth loss!


Tooth decay may sound intimidating, but rest assured, it can seamlessly be prevented and corrected thanks to the services of dental professionals and the crucial knowledge they equip us with. Let’s review some undeniable methods designed to curb the development of tooth decay and ensure a smile remains healthy and happy!

Composite Fillings

Besides routine checkups, dental fillings are amongst the most common procedures performed by countless dental practices every single day. Curated from specialized dental material, composite fillings match the exact hue of the teeth. Once a cavity is identified, a dental professional will gently numb the area and carefully clean and remove the cavity and the infected surrounding area. After this, the area is left hallowed out and allows space for the filling to be inserted, effectively sealing the tooth and reinstating its structure!

This method is the most typical approach to remedying a cavity, and its surefire results have stood the test of time- granting permanent relief to millions and millions of cavities throughout the globe. Perhaps even more importantly, this procedure completely removes the cavity, the earliest stage of tooth decay, before it’s evolution into something worse!

Daily Brushing and Flossing

As mentioned previously, tooth decay is the direct result of bacteria accumulation. In order to avoid developing tooth decay, committing to perhaps the most basic of dental guidelines is any patient’s best bet!

Brushing throughout the day is vital in determining a smile’s health; allowing bacteria, food particles, and plaque to be removed from the teeth and surrounding gum line. Flossing must also not be forgotten; as bacteria notoriously accumulates in the hard-to-reach crevasses between the teeth, which toothbrush bristles struggle to access, flossing may excavate this hidden bacterium with ease.

Committing to such a robust oral regimen will undoubtedly bolster your smile’s defenses and significantly contribute to warding off tooth decay. Ideally, most dental professionals recommend brushing twice a day, especially after meals, and flossing at least once as well!

Routine Checkups 

This method is less direct than the previous, however, its viability in fighting tooth decay, and other dental complications, shouldn’t go unnoticed. Under the watchful eye of a dentist, your smile is subject to the opinion of a trained and knowledgeable professional; capable of not only remedying tooth decay in any stage, but spotting and preventing its early development before more drastic measures are necessary. 

Semi Annual checkups are a proven boon to ensuring every smile’s health and integrity. All patients are encouraged to consistently communicate any changes in their oral anatomy to their trusted professional! 

If you believe you may be struggling with tooth decay, in any of its stages, or seek a professional opinion on how best to remedy your smile’s unique challenges, please book an appointment with us today! 

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