How do Beginners start social media marketing in Ireland?

Have you ever thought about why many businesses use social media marketing in their promotion strategy? Of course, marketing specialists know that creating quality content is hard and time-consuming work. Still, successful businesses choose to use social media marketing. So, a question asks itself, why? 

Marketing specialists understand that it is crucial for businesses to reach their customers and establish direct communication with them. In addition, product owners need to constantly prove their advantages for their customers to endure their competitors. But before passing on how to outsource social media marketing for your business, let us first clarify what social media marketing is. 

What is SMM (Social Media Marketing)? 

The use of social platforms as channels to promote a brand, increase the target audience, drive traffic to the site and increase sales. Social networks are the backbone of SMM.

The use of social platforms as channels to promote the brand, enlarge the target audience, drive traffic to the site and provide a high number of sales is called SMM (Social Media Marketing). 

It is undeniable that the easiest way to reach a large audience is through social media marketing. The number of people using social media marketing is constantly growing. It is recorded that half of the world’s population uses social media. To the survey of 2019, the number of users has significantly grown since 2019. 

Why outsource SMM? 

Many people who become entrepreneurs start companies. They feel like experts in their field and understand how to create a product that they will buy. But how many of them will also easily write the texts necessary to promote a business? As a rule, such people do not have time to blog or think about social networks. 

The decision to outsource social media marketing can greatly simplify the process of promoting the product. In addition, in these processes entrepreneurs often use performance management guides to make the working process in social media and not only more effective and motivating. 

3 Ways to outsource Social Media Marketing

1. Hire freelancers

Use Upwork and Freelancer or any other freelance job platforms to outsource content management. As an employer, you post the job or the task on this website, freelancers apply for the job, and the employer chooses from the applicants. You set the price and the budget, and those interested will apply. Plus, full-time employees cost more than a freelancer. By generating new ideas and looking for interesting solutions, freelancers have a fresh look at the existing promotion strategy. 

2. SMM agency

If there is a large amount of work, it is better to consider an SMM agency. The agency specialists can handle many tasks and conduct all the social media accounts professionally and efficiently. However, you must remember that SMM agencies are pricier than freelancers. But you can consider the European funding network to help you get financial support and find the best partnerships with leading SMM agencies.  

3. Business Process Outsourcing or Offshoring 

If you hire a BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) company, they will provide you with the sourcing, screening, recruiting, onboarding, and ongoing payroll requirements, all for an agreed fee. The only thing you do is assign them the tasks, and the BPO provider takes care of the rest. The best part about going with the offshore option in countries like the Philippines is that you hire quality specialists, which costs you a lot less than hiring a full-time employee. 


To conclude, there are many options for entrepreneurs to outsource social media management efficiently, and in case of not outsourcing your social media management, you risk holding your business back. The mentioned steps will lead you to the successful social media marketing outsourcing for your business, so as a result you’ll have a social media marketing strategy appropriately to your company needs and requirements. 

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