3 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Are you one of the over 45 million bikers in the United States?

If yes, there’s no doubt you’re enjoying the benefits of cycling. Cycling isn’t just good for your joint and heart health. It’s an awesome leisure activity that can improve your mental health. It’s also a means of transportation, especially commuting to work if you live nearby.

As a biker, however, you face a higher risk of accidents. If you’ve been in a crash that resulted in injuries, it’s important to lawyer up.

Continue reading to learn how to find the best bicycle accident lawyer.

Specialization in Bike Accidents

Generally speaking, bicycle accident attorneys are personal injury attorneys.

As such, when you’re hiring, you’ll find personal injury attorneys, but not all will be specializing in bike accidents. You could find injury lawyers who work with auto accident cases, motorcycle accident cases, bike accident cases, dog bite injures, and more. Read this news from Sweet James to learn more about the different types of accidents that can cause injuries.

There’s nothing wrong with a lawyer handling multiple types of injury cases, but when you need the best representation, you need a lawyer who exclusively handles bike accident injury cases.

This is because every type of injury case is different in various ways. A bicycle accident lawyer will have an in-depth understanding of bike accident laws in your state.


In every state, lawyers must obtain a law license before they can enter the practice and start representing clients in a court of law.

You have to ensure that the lawyer you hire is licensed to practice in your state of residence. Get the license details and verify their accuracy from your state’s Bar.

This is an important step because people have been scammed by fraudsters posing as lawyers. If you fall victim, you’ll likely lose time and money, as you’ll be dealing with a person who has no authority or competence to offer you legal representation.

Professional Experience

If you sustained severe injuries, there’s a lot at stake. If another party was at-fault, you might need to get them to compensate you. Even if the accident was your own fault and you have personal injury coverage, your insurance company will still need to compensate you.

For this to happen, you need to file a compensation claim. You shouldn’t do this on your own. You need a lawyer to help you.

The lawyer you need is a bicycle accident attorney, and they need to be experienced. Before you hire, ask them about the number of bike accident cases they have handled, as well as the average settlement amount they’ve won for their clients.

Ideally, you want a lawyer who has handled tens of cases, at least. A professional who has a verifiable track record of winning compensation cases.

Find the Best Bicycle Accident Lawyer

It’s critical to hire a bicycle accident lawyer after you’ve been involved in a bicycle accident. You stand to lose a lot, but with the right lawyer on your side, justice will prevail and you’ll receive the compensation you deserve.

But first, you need to hire the best lawyer. With this guide, you’ll do that.

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