3 Reasons Why Email Marketing Is More Important Than Ever

With new technology, new social media platforms, and a plethora of modern marketing techniques, the classic email marketing models are sometimes considered out of date or even defunct. Businesses all too often neglect the email side of their marketing campaigns, but that’s a big mistake. Email marketing is more relevant, effective, and important than ever.

#1 It’s incredibly cost-effective

Email marketing services is one of the few marketing strategies that aren’t just cheap: it can even be completely free. The same certainly doesn’t apply to PPC or social media campaigns, the latter of which are renowned for guzzling budgets at an alarming rate. Reaching potential customers with newsletters, offers, and adverts via email requires only a tiny budget but can deliver big in terms of ROI.

That ROI can be as high as 4410%, making email marketing one of the most economical forms of advertising that your business can employ. This is especially important for fledgling or small businesses that need to grow but can’t set aside the huge advertising budgets of their larger competitors.

#2 It can drive people to your social media

Nobody can underestimate the importance of social media marketing anymore, but it’s rarely effective in isolation. Simply setting up and maintaining a social media presence isn’t enough. If your business is tweeting to very few followers, then it’s essentially shouting into the void. Social media adverts are notoriously ineffective if you lack a large presence, and the other frequently touted benefits (making connections, forming relationships etc.) are null and void without a follower base.

That’s where email marketing comes in. As the start of a relationship between business and customer, it can drive people to your social media platforms. Email signatures are one way to do this. Including a link to your business’s social media (Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, for example) in your signature encourages a flow of email traffic towards those platforms. From there, you can build even deeper relationships. Incorporating your social media into an email signature can sometimes be difficult, but many companies turn to email signature generator tools like rocketseed.com to streamline the process. From there, you’re virtually assured of increased traffic to your companies newsfeed.

#3 It’s perfect for the mobile world

Data suggests that mobile users check their emails much more frequently than those tethered to a desktop – around x3 more! For companies who send out newsletters, adverts, or otherwise communicate with their customers via email, that’s a massive opportunity. Even more intriguingly, data suggests that more than half of all websites are accessed from a mobile device. Not only will mobile users read your emails, but they’re likely to click through.

All of this comes with a series of caveats, though. It’s not enough simply to send out emails and hope that they’ll look fine on mobile devices. You’ll need to optimize your emails, add alt text, ensure that your images are sized correctly, avoid multiple columns and use a responsive theme.

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