3 Things to Entertain Yourself During COVID-19

Covid changed the way many people find entertainment. As outdoor venues and events were canceled or restricted, people turned to indoor and virtual events for better entertainment. This has led to a rise in hobbies like radio control helicopters that can be controlled from the house or built in the garage and then used outside as well as video games and even online casinos.

Hobby Growth

There are many hobbies out there, but some people feel as though none of those options are right for them. This is common. Not all hobbies are for everyone. Finding a hobby can be challenging and frustrating but by knowing what interests you, it can be easier to find the perfect hobby for you. 

Say you love building things and working with your hands. You may also like mechanical items and love thinking about what makes them work. If this sounds like you, Align Radio Control (RC) Helicopters could be the perfect hobby for you. This hobby is both fun and rewarding. RC radio controlled helicopters make the perfect hobby because there is always something new and exciting. Unlike other toy helicopters, Align RC helicopters take off vertically and do not require much room at all. 

There are many different kinds of RC radio controlled helicopters to choose from. Radio controlled helicopters come with different motors, different bases, different colors, and different styles. Building one from scratch is the most rewarding feeling you could have once it is finished and flying. Kits are easy to purchase and come with instruction manuals on how to put them together. This is perfect for the person who loves to build things. Some even have nitro power over the more common electric power. 

3 Things to Entertain Yourself During COVID-19

Video Games

Video games grew significantly during covid. People increased the amount of time they played video games by 71% with over 4.3 million games sold around the world and people turning to different types of games and different systems to find the widest range of entertainment possible. 

Everywhere gamers are faced with deciding between the PS4 or Xbox One. Both of the systems are improved versions of the previous release but which one is better for games? That is based on preference. After Microsoft revealed the reversal of the DRM policies the difference between the two systems narrowed. The Xbox One requires a Kinect which is provided for you and the PS4 needs the PS4 Eye which you must purchase separately. This accounts for the variation in price.  

The PS4 controller has a touchpad while the Xbox One does not. But with the Xbox you can take advantage of the expanded achievement systems and the rumbling triggers. Both systems can support another screen. The PS4 remote play can be used through PlayStation Vita while the Xbox One Smartglass component lets you take advantage of tablet and smartphone use. When you get the Xbox One you can access exclusive game including: 

  • Quantum Break
  • Dead Rising 3
  • Sunset Overdrive
  • Ryse: Son of Rome
  • Killer Instinct

With the PS4 you can access other exclusive features such as

  • Knack
  • Killzone: Shadow Fall
  • The Order: 1886

Online Casinos

In addition to the growth of video games, more people turned to online casinos for entertainment. Online casinos around the world offered people in places like Japan or the United States the opportunity not only to make extra money but to have more fun with thematic online casinos when they were under quarantine. Casinos in places like Japan and the US offered things like the free bonus, a way to play online games without the same financial risk especially when checking out a new casino. These types of bonuses are a lucrative way to try an entertaining website for the first time.

Players who look at a Japanese site might be interested in the layout and the variety of fun, entertaining games that the online casino has, but not necessarily want to bet their hard-earned cash until they get a chance to play for free. This is why online casinos are offering things like free spins, free games, and free bonus money so that individuals get a lot more bang for their buck. This has given people around the world the opportunity to engage in a wider range of entertainment even after covid restrictions have been lifted.

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