3 Types of Fat That Coolsculpting Could Remove That You Might Not Know

Coolsculpting is a non-surgical fat reduction method used to freeze fat cells in targeted areas, destroying them and eventually breaking down this stubborn fat in areas of the body that regular exercise and dieting may not work efficiently.

Various body fat types are removable through the coolsculpting technique. Here are 3 of them:

1)Fluffy Body Fat

Due to different hormones present in men and women, this soft, lightweight, and jiggly fat is deposited around women’s outer arms, thighs, hips, and belles. This is not to say men don’t have fluffy fat; they do- only that it is mainly found on the belly. Since this fat is weightless, you may want to monitor your weight loss using a measuring scale because you may not see any significant changes. You will, however, notice a loose-fitting cloth.

Coolsculpting from Sculpt Spa is ideal in removing this fat because of the large amounts of fluffy fat that can be removed during a single session.

2) Cellulite Body Fat

Are your thighs, hips, and abdomen uneven and lumpy? This could be cellulite fat that usually occurs when fat is pulled down into tissues under the lower skin layers, thus creating an uneven surface on the surface of your skin. Does everyone have cellulite? Some people are naturally predisposed to have cellulite fat due to their genetics.

Although losing weight may reduce the amounts of visible cellulite, this may not always be the case. For instance, older women find it more challenging to shed cellulite fat due to less fat visible on the skin surface.

So, what can I do to remove stubborn cellulite fat? Having visible skin deep dimples can be uncomfortable, especially when you wear your favorite bikini for a good swim. Thankfully, coolsculpting San Diego offers the solution for you if you have thicker skin and centralized depressions, creating a finer, toned body.

3) Fibrous Body Fat

What is fibrous fat? This is a firm kind of fat formed under the skin when fat cells form fibers of fats during episodes of weight gain. It is comparable to fluffy fat, but it is not soft and jiggly. At times, constant wearing of tight clothes can turn fluffy fat into fibrous fat.

Since the fibrous fat is much firmer and more rigid than fluffy fat, your body does not easily break it for immediate use, hence becoming harder to remove even with dieting and exercise routines. Luckily, coolsculpting is ideal for removing this kind of fat as the specially designed applicator top helps freeze and destroy the fat anywhere on the body. What’s more? Coolsculpting is a noninvasive procedure that requires no surgery, hence minimal exposure to risks.

Do You Want to Get the Perfect Tone?

Our bodies are perfect and beautiful, but there’s nothing wrong with wanting to achieve a particular physique if it’s attainable because why not! Cool sculpting is the ideal noninvasive procedure to help you reduce different body fats: fluffy, cellulite fats, and fibrous fats to achieve a toned, firmer body.

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