3 Ways To Generate Additional Business With Thank You Cards

Few elements are as crucial to a business relationship as creating and sustaining a positive working relationship with co-workers, clients, or potential customers.

To ensure you’ll leave your business contacts with favorable impressions of their interactions with you, try sending thank you cards to them. Mailing handwritten notes of gratitude has been a longstanding tradition among business leaders to let others know people value their professional relationships. Explore the following list of ways to generate additional business by using thank you cards.

Offer Discount Codes With a Personal Touch

Every interaction you have with current and potential customers is one that you want to use to promote your business. Still, you may risk over-promoting your business without showing actual benefit to the person on the other side of your communications.

How can you stop wasting time, money, and effort sending generic sales pitches and advertisements through the mail to people on a contact list? Think about how much more effective your communications can be by writing a simple thank you card to your contact and including a discount code for a product or service you offer.

With this approach, your recipients will know that you have thought about their needs in a personal manner without overselling or over-promoting your products or services.

Use Referrals to Best Advantage

Any sales professional will tell you that getting a referral is one of the most effective ways to get in touch with potential new clients and customers.

If you are reaching out to a new referral, you can do so with a quick, personal note rather than an impersonal cold call or a sales pitch. Let your contacts know who recommended them to you and how you can meet their needs. This time-tested, proven method helps in building relationships from the ground up.

What about the person who made the referral to you? You can send the individual a note as well, thanking the person for the referral. By sending the person who made the referral a thank you note, you’ll help your business contact feel appreciated. In doing so, you can continue to encourage your contacts to provide sales leads to you.

Allow Others to Follow Up With Questions

When sending business thank you notes, you should remember that they work best for two-way communication.

In your message, invite your recipient to connect with you for further questions. Opening up the communication ensures that you and your recipient can have a dialogue without the hard sales push. Sometimes the invitation to connect without the sales pressure can motivate potential leads to pick up the phone or meet with you in person. Inviting these follow-up questions demonstrates that you care about serving someone’s needs and want to help.

While you can pursue many ways to make a sale, don’t overlook the power of the personal touch for communicating with customers. Sending business thank you cards is a great way to forge valuable connections with current and potential contacts.

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