Are you into cycling more than running? Do you spend at least an hour every day cycling to keep yourself fit? Then this makes you better than the other fitness buff. Cycling is said to be a more mentally stimulating exercise than other forms of work-out. Outdoor cycling was fun during the pre-pandemic times, but, after CoVID, most people have adopted cycling inside the homes with their own exercise bikes at home.

As all things go, indoor cycling has its own advantages and disadvantages. On the plus side you can work-out at the comfort of your home, on the other hand, you get to stare at the same view every day, no matter where you place your bike.

Luckily, we have an incredible app called Vingo, an Online Cycling space shared by many-a users from across the world. Vingo is a virtual space which entertains you while you work-out by taking you to some of your favourite places across the world. And it does that all the while you’re on your exercise bike. Let’s take a look at its features while we explore how it makes your indoor workout more interesting.

1)      Keep a Goal

The first thing you need to change in your routine is to set goals. Fitness goals like reducing your weight, fixing timed targets etc. can stimulate you into working-out consistently. On Vingo, you can set your daily, weekly, monthly and yearly targets and let it do the rest. The app will continuously monitor your progress and adjust itself to motivate you. It does this using rewards like new tracks, coins, locations, etc. You will be surprised by your own performance once you get into Vingo.

2)      Find a Partner

Sometimes it is best to find an exercise partner who will encourage you to push your limits. In Vingo, you can find people who share your interests and befriend them. You can chat with them over voice chat and help each other achieve your targets. You can also learn more about fitness from each other.

3)      Install Vingo – Cycling App

What makes Vingo versatile is the fact that it makes your boring exercise routine more exciting. You can visit your favourite spots and trails to cycle right on your screen and even learn cool new facts about the place. With a variety of spots loaded on the indoor cycling app, you can keep on exploring new places all through the year.

The app has many features that make cycling an interesting workout. Firstly it takes you into the virtual world, where you can travel and exercise at different locations. It can be an icy mountain or a rocky plateau. The app helps you to take the urgent care that is required to work on your health, fitness & body.

Moreover, the app has advantages that are not easy to quantify. Since, the app makes an ordinary exercise as a game, it is easy for you to be consistent. Our minds prefer to play games than to do exercises.

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