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The traditional vending machine photo booth has had several upgrades and now we enter an entirely new phase of video booths. Glamorized by the TikTok generation, videos are a great way to capture moments and if the perfect overlay is used, they can prove to be exceptional entertainment materials too. The 360 photo booth for sale is the trendiest in the videography industry as of 2022. 

The 360 photo booth is also referred to as a 360 camera booth. It is the next-gen party prop which captures your memories from a 360-degree angle. All you need to do is stand on the platform, and you are good to go! 

Is the 360 Photo Booth worth the hype?

Let’s review the key features of a 360 photo booth to find out if it’s worth it:

1)User Friendly

Manual photo booths are portable and cordless. When compared to mirror photo booths and traditional camera booths, it is comparatively easier to set up. Most of the models come with instructional manuals and a precaution guide. Manual 360 photo booths do not even need a power source near. 

2)Operates on new-gen technology 

The consumer class of the 20th century demands efficiency at lower efforts. The tech-savvy geniuses have collectively designed automated software to work with. The one-click trigger stands out as one of the most prominent features of the automatic 360 photo booth. On top of that, a built Bluetooth system and slow-motion mode makes this product top-notch in its game. 

3)Customisable Filters 

The 360 photo booth for sale has the most Instagram worthy filters to choose from, and if you are someone who prefers to stand out in the clan then well you can customize your overlays too! From goofy animations to dramatic slow-motion videos, the 360 photo booth has got it all. You can also adjust lighting features and recorrect other blemishes. This kind of versatility is one of its kind and is well appreciated by our influencer guests. 

4)Unique party prop 

The 360 photo booth for sale is cordless and portable. The platform makes up an amazing side prop and can be customized at your convenience. Let us assume that if you keep a family event for Halloween, you can easily cover the revolving stick and use your creative freedom to decorate it. Traditional photo booths are kind of difficult to work with given the amount of space they take up. However, the 360 photo booth works as the perfect party prop.  

5)Versatile Equipment Support

The manual and automatic versions of the 360 photo booth have an adjustable revolving arm where you can attach any camera equipment of your choice. Be it an iPad, smartphone, DSLR or even a GoPro, the 360 photo booth supports all kinds of devices. If your camera battery runs out mid-event, you can simply attach your phone to the booth. This is a very convenient feature and it gives a sense of security.

The above features prove that the 360 photo booth for sale is definitely worth the hype and is a clever investment. 

Where can one use a 360 photo booth? 

A 360 camera booth is not only productive for informal parties but also for formal business events. You can easily use the 360 camera booth for corporate and business events. You can even customize the entire set-up according to your brand logo and theme to make it a show stopper. This is a great way to market your brand too. 

These 360 booths are highly personalized with a variety of features like smooth video qualities, social media presence and special green screen features. It is surely a memorable after-party token for a successful event. With so many options available, guests can easily interchange modes accordingly or you can set up a standard theme to follow. It is fun and professional both ways.

 The ideal 360 photo booth for sale does not come with extra equipment like light fixtures so you can add spin ring lights or if it’s an outdoor event natural lighting also works wonders. By simply adding a banner or a watermark overlay to your videos, you can make the booth experience so much more formal and business-like. This is a great way to enhance your work events and give them a professional charm. 

Extra accessories to consider while investing in the 360 photo booth 

While the 360 photo booth for sale is manual and versatile on its own, we can definitely up our game by adding more professional accessories. This will enhance the experience and will make your videos look Instagram worthy from every angle! 

The 360 photo booth package offered by SpinPix360 is the perfect combo and contains everything you will possibly need along with the photo booth. From ring lights to iPad stations, they have got it all. Let us review some accessories that might be needed while installing of 360 photo booth: 

Professional Surround Lights 

These professional surround lights work on the color cycle strobe function and provide 8 different colour options to choose from. They have a battery life of up to 32 hours. With their 1000 lumen max brightness, you can change your entire videography game. 

Photo Booth Enclosure Fixtures

These fixtures are a package of 16 led lights of 4 different panels. They have multi-coloured RGB lights which can add a fun charm to your videos. These are also lightweight and can be carried anywhere with ease. The package includes 4 durable bags to carry panel frames and other extra fabrics. 

iPad Sharing Station 

In case you are to use your iPad in the camera booth then this is the perfect device holder for you. It is customizable and easy to assemble. It has a width of 18”. The frame is made from aluminum and is lightweight yet strong. 

The 360 photo booth for sale is a unique experience and is definitely worth the money. As a generation we have come to a point where videos are given much more importance than pictures, this photo booth will make up for the sentimental upgrade. 


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