4 benefits of 80% lowers

80% lowers are popular amongst gun enthusiasts the world over, and with good reason. 80% lowers are unserialized blanks, essentially an unfinished firearm that can’t be operated without further modification/building. Here’s a rundown of some of the biggest advantages of going down the 80% lower route.

#1 Ultimate customization

This is the primary motivator that leads people to purchase lowers rather than buying fully constructed firearms. Quite simply, starting with an 80% lower and constructing the rest of the weapon from there gives you unprecedented levels of control over how your gun looks, feels and ultimately fires. Not only do you maintain complete control over the process, but you also have the fun of putting your weapon together. It’s possible to order a lower receiver from a site like https://www.80percentarms.com/80-lowers/ and then come out of the process with a completely unique gun that’s unlike any other.

#2 It’s an education

With customization comes education. Since you’ll be building the gun yourself (with the receiver as foundation) you’ll learn everything that there is to know about weapon manufacture. This is a specialist craft, and the step by step process of constructing a gun from the ground up transforms many hobbyists into fully fledged enthusiasts. Although it’s an involved and interesting process, building a gun isn’t as difficult as it sounds and nor does it demand any advanced tools. You can accomplish the task with standard garage tools and a little learning! It isn’t time intensive either and can easily be a part time hobby that helps you relax after a long day at work.

#3 Less hassle

Buying a firearm is a complex and sometimes long-winded process, with lots of paperwork and checks involved. Many people are frustrated with the length of time it takes to actually lay hands on their gun but using an 80% lower simplifies the process. Since these components aren’t functioning weapons, they’re subject to far less and (depending on your state) sometimes even zero paperwork. No state fees, no waiting period and no paperwork are big motivating factors that encourage enthusiasts to buy lowers rather than fully built weapons. Better still, you’ll even be able to apply your own, original serial number to your own, totally original weapon!

#4 They encourage innovation

Most wholesale market gun designs are woefully out of date and derivative. As innovation within the commercial weapons sector continues to dwindle, many look to 80% lowers as a way to produce a truly futuristic weapon. Lowers are more innovative than they’ve ever been with ultra-lightweight and ultra-thin variations common. Since the individuals who order lowers usually have more in-depth knowledge of firearms, the sector is forced to develop new ideas to stay relevant and appealing. As such, lowers operate on the absolute cutting edge of weapons technology, with new innovations appearing on a daily basis. Couple this with the essentially unlimited customization offered as you build your own weapon, and you can come away with a truly cutting edge gun.

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