4 Best Ways To Sell A Scrap Car For Cash

Sometimes you think keeping an old car instead of buying a new one is saving you money but the truth is, it isn’t. No matter how smooth it used to run, it can suddenly break down and before you know it, it’s no longer safe to drive. 

Chances are, your old car is now just sitting around in your garage and you think it’s no longer salvageable. Calling a junkyard that takes old cars for free maybe your first bet but if you’d do a little research or ask around, you’ll find that there are ways that you can still get money for your old car. Perhaps it’s high time that you consider selling it as a scrap car. Aside from freeing that much-needed parking space, you can also make some extra cash. 

It’s not that difficult to sell a scrap car for cash, but it’s also not something that you should do in a heartbeat. It involves proper research and of course, knowing the best ways to sell my car for $500 newyork. To get the best possible price, here are some tips that you can consider when selling your scrap car:

  • Prepare All the Paperwork First

Before you can go around calling scrapyards and junkyards that are near your area, make sure that the paperwork for your vehicle is already prepared. While it’s possible to still sell your scrap car without its paperwork, it will make the process longer and more tedious. If you have the car title, have it ready before you start talking to potential buyers or junkyard owners.

If you can no longer locate your car title, there’s still another option that you can try. If your scrap car has proper documentation, it shouldn’t be hard to get a replacement title from your local DMV office. 

Some states in the US don’t issue titles on cars that are already too old, like in Alabama. If you live in Alabama and your car is already more than 35 years old, you can’t get a title on it anymore. For such cases, you can still use the car’s registration documents and that will serve as your proof of ownership.

  • Contact Scrapyards Near Your Area

Scrapyards would usually offer free towing or pickup of your vehicle upon selling it to them, but that may only apply to scrapyards that are within your area. As you contact these businesses, make sure you inquire about their policy on towing and pickup. At times, they may also offer to pay more for your scrap car if you’ll be the one to drive it to their location.

Make sure that you’ve done proper research first before deciding which scrapyard to negotiate with. You can check their website for customer reviews or ask your friends if they’re familiar with the scrapyard you’re eyeing for. Don’t make immediate judgments that are based on a quick exchange via phone if you’re keen on getting the most cash for a scrap car.

4 Best Ways To Sell A Scrap Car For Cash

  • Try Craigslist

Some people were able to sell a scrap car for cash via Craigslist, but it’s not for everyone. If you plan on trying Craigslist, make sure you’re aware of what you’re getting into. Upon making your listing, include all the details about the scrap car that you’re trying to sell. It’ll be a waste of time to show your car to an interested buyer who’s hoping to get a car that they can still use. 

Apart from Craigslist, you can also consider online classified ads, although that works almost the same as Craigslist. You don’t want to end up getting frustrated because of low ballers and people who would show interest at first, only to disappear in the end without even leaving a message. There may be no harm in listing your scrap car on Craigslist but it’s better to not get your hopes up.

  • Sell Your Car for Parts

Instead of selling your scrap car for cash, you can also consider selling it for parts. This idea will work best if you have a lot of time to spare because it will involve heavy work, figuratively and literally. You’ll have to remove everything from your car that’s not made of metal. If you don’t have any experience or knowledge about removing scraps from a car, that’ll be another challenge to face. 

Other things that you’ll also need to do are:

  • Drain out all the fluids
  • Extract the transmission and engine
  • Remove the seats
  • Take out all the wires

Removing the parts of your scrap car and selling them may be more profitable than selling the car straight to a scrapyard, but it also means having extra tasks and responsibilities to make it work. For example, you’ll need to research how much each part can be sold for. You also need to consider if you have enough storage space in your garage or basement for the parts that you’ll be removing from the scrap car.

Getting the Most Cash for A Scrap Car

There are several ways to sell a scrap car for cash. However, not all of them would be right for you especially when you think about the considerations listed above. It’s best to weigh out your options first before finally deciding on which one will benefit you the most. 

Selling your scrap car for cash doesn’t have to be a burden—it should be the other way around. It’s your turn to take the next step and hopefully, it’s the right one. Go ahead and sell your scrap car for cash so you can finally get rid of that junk and of course, enjoy that parking space for your new car. What’s more, you get to pocket extra cash from that scrap car, too.

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