Insurance Tips for Homeowners: Everything You Need to Know

The San Francisco housing market can be a lightning-fast place to sell your home. By the time a desirable home is on the market, it often has many people looking at it and ready to offer. However, what those offers are can vary quite a bit due to how competitive people will perceive this particular house’s price will end up being. 

A great way to make sure you as the seller are on the good end of any high offers is to make sure your home improvements are impeccable. Even some small, lower-cost projects can change the perception of the home in a way that might prompt more buyers to fall in love and offer a higher amount! Try these options for your next DIY home improvement project.

Spruce the Kitchen With Cabinet Paint or Backsplash Replacement

While remodeling a whole kitchen is not a weekend project, and isn’t a DIY project for any but the truly brave, you can make a kitchen look a little better with just one weekend. Decide whether the backsplash or the cabinet paint color could use a bit of an update, and take on whichever project would bring the most harmony and modern look to the kitchen. If you realize that both projects would benefit your home, give it a shot! You might end up with work that spills into other time, but the results can be a transformed kitchen space for a lower-dollar investment.

Replace Dated or Damaged Light Fixtures

People are drawn to the look of light fixtures in a room, particularly if they are very cool looking or, sadly, if they are dated or clunky. People want to see a light fixture that either blends into the look of the room or is overtly cool or sleek. Particularly if any of your light fixtures aren’t working well anyway, take a weekend to replace one or two fixtures that just don’t fit with the overall feel of the home. You get more benefit if you change out the least appealing ones for very nice (if still quite affordable) new ones.

Replace Old Wallpaper or Paint Instead

Evaluate the condition of your walls: most people selling a home may not have time to DIY all the walls before selling, but if you had to pick one spot that could really use a spruce, where would it be? Often, some part of the home has wallpaper, and if it’s been a while, it could be showing its age. Consider taking a weekend to remove wallpaper, apply a new, stylish design, or simply paint to match the other elements of the home. 

Fill Holes and Cracks in Walls 

Finally, it’s a time-consuming and small job, but it can offer major dividends. Many homes have nicks, chips, cracks, or holes in the walls. Watch some tutorials on how to best fill cracks and holes in your home’s wall material and then assemble your materials. Get some touch-up paint in the correct color and match the walls as you ensure the filled holes no longer stand out. Again, this is a small thing, but the cost is minimal and your buyers get a different impression than a home with lots of little chips and nail holes!

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