Great Reasons to Upcycle your mobile phone

Looking back, when you first decided to buy your old mobile phone; the research, time, and effort put in to find the right device must have been painstaking! Your beloved mobile phone has been much loved with dings and scratches to remember. But it’s time to move on…

At present, you’re in limbo, you have purchased a brand spanking new iPhone. The question to hand, what will you do will your old devise? Keep it as a spare? or maybe a paperweight?

In the UK it’s estimated 40 million mobile phone and tablets are being left in the drawer. Begging the question, why? Should I sell my mobile?

Let’s go through our 4 top reasons to recycle your phone.

1. Do you really want to leave precious data on your old phone?

Why is it we feel more incline to protect our new device and leave the old one lying around the house, even though it’s got precious data? It’s just as important.

Recycling your phone, whether it be giving it to a friend or a family member or selling will prompt you to delete, and factory reset your device. Saving you the embarrassment if someone got hold of your old device, especially if you hand over your mobile phone to a family member that may have a good old snoop, awkward!

There really isn’t an excuse not to delete your data, especially when it could be done remotely, this is great if your mobile phone is damaged and can’t access it.

iTunes, for example, allows you to delete the device using your account remotely. When the device is turned on after a repair and connected to the internet, it will automatically factory reset for you.

Top tip: When done transferring your data and setting up your new mobile phone, why not factory reset your old phone, ideal time, right? If you cannot delete your data because you have a smashed screen, don’t forget it can also be done remotely.

2. Let’s talk about depreciation.

Snooze, and you will lose. When it comes to gadgets, whether it be a mobile phone or a laptop, everything depreciates. Understanding, what was purchased for £500 a year or so ago will only be worth a fraction today, especially if your gadget has developed a fault.

Like many out there, thinking that it would be safe to keep your mobile phone redundant in the top drawer as a spare would be a safe idea. Hmm, let’s think twice about it!

A mobile phone can depreciate on average 50% – 70% after the first year. Factor’s such as brand, model, and condition play a vital role in holding good value. None the less, selling your mobile phone as fast as you possibly can, only mean more trade-in cash!

The longer you’re holding on to your old mobile phone, the greater the chances it will be worth next to nothing.

Top tip: Don’t wait around for your mobile phone to lose value; also, a faulty device will always have some value.

3. Cash is king!

As the saying goes “A penny saved is a penny earned” selling your mobile phone can be very rewarding, and knowing that someone will be making good use of your trusty device gives you a warm feeling on the inside…

It’s a lot easier to sell your mobile phone than you think. Whether you would like to sell your mobile phone online or in-person using a classified ad website, we have you back, so where do I sell my mobile you ask?

Classified Ads – A great way to sell your mobile phone locally, a couple of websites specialising in this is; Gumtree or Shpock.

Online Recycler – Get an instant quote for your old mobile phone, pack it and send to the recycler for payment. Easy enough if you don’t want the hassle of meeting and haggling with strangers!

eBay – An auction is a great way to sell your old mobile phone, can at times be unpredictable and depending on who you sell the mobile phone to will predict if it’s a good experience.

Top tip: Don’t be discouraged if your mobile phone is damaged, chances are it’s still worth some cash. Online recyclers and eBay is a great way to sell a faulty item.

4. Let’s think about the environment

If trading in your old mobile phone for cash does not motivate you, then maybe the environment will…

A mobile phone contains many different hazardous materials such as; cadmium, arsenic, mercury and many others. Mobile phones also contain precious metals such as gold and silver.

Upcycling your old mobile phone helps the environment by conserving natural resources and keeping mobile phones away from landfill sites where these hazardous materials can leak into the soil and negatively affect close by wildlife.

Top tip: If you’re not up for selling your mobile a charity is a great way to recycle your phone. If there is no value to your phone, your local council will be more than happy to take it off your hands.


Let’s face it, living a busy life things get in the way to do everyday tasks, but let’s not forget that we have a moral duty to recycle wherever we can.

The great thing about mobile phones is someone out there will always need it, especially if it’s still functional and if it’s not someone out there will be needing parts! It’s a win, win situation, recycling with rewards!

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