4 Important Questions to Ask Your Potential Personal Injury Lawyer

Do you think you can find the cheapest lawyer you can to represent you in your personal injury lawsuit and expect to win? Unfortunately, that’s not the case.

It only takes one mistake to mess up a lawsuit. Without someone with the right experience, you’re going to ruin the chances of a successful personal injury claim.

If you’re going to hire a personal injury lawyer, knowing what questions to ask is essential to the process. Below are four questions that will help you find the best personal injury lawyer.

  1. Are You Representing My Case?

If you interview a lawyer at a large firm, there’s no guarantee that the person you talk to will take on your case. They might be the spokesperson for the firm and the person who talks to new clients. The chances are they have too many cases to find time for a new one.

When this happens, you’ll work with another associate at the firm. Make sure you determine who this lawyer is to talk to them before you hire a personal injury lawyer.

  1. How Do You Handle Fees?

The last thing you want to do in a lengthy personal injury case is to hire someone hourly. You might end up paying more in lawyer fees than you get from your injury settlement.

Before you hire someone, figure out how long they think your case will take and the best way to pay them. If a case takes a long time, lawyers will often work on contingency. This means they don’t get paid unless they win and take a portion of the settlement as their payment.

  1. Do You Have References?

You can never really know what it’s like working with a personal injury attorney by talking with them a few times. They’re going to try to sell you on their services, so they’ll give the best impression they can. Things can change a lot once you commit.

That’s why talking to past customers is essential. They can tell you what the process is really like and if someone is pleasant to work with.

  1. Do You Specialize in Personal Injury Law?

It’s hard to find a lawyer who has expertise in every law field. Each field has a set of unique requirements, and that’s too much for one person to understand everything.

That makes it critical that your lawyer is a personal injury specialist. Ask about their past casework and how many personal injury cases they/ve won. It also pays to know personal injury questions to ask to gauge the knowledge of a lawyer.

Make sure you read more about what makes a great personal injury lawyer, so you get all the information you need from your interview.

Don’t Cut Corners When You Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer

You can’t afford not to do your due diligence when searching for a personal injury lawyer. The wrong choice can cost you your case, so make sure you ask the right questions to weed out the people who can’t handle the job.

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