Did you know that about 94 percent of employees cite wanting more professional development as their main motive for staying at a job? With the ever-changing work landscape, it is more common than ever to job hop every couple of years.

Have you ever wondered how you can develop professionally and move up in the company or industry you work in? Here are some of the top pointers for how to develop professional skills that will last you a lifetime.

  1. Network, Network, Network

The old adage is true, which is that you are a reflection of the people with who you surround yourself. Make sure to put networking at the top of your professional growth list. You may thank yourself in the future when it comes to endorsements and job recommendations.

Luckily, the internet makes it easier than ever to connect to people in your career field. You should also make an effort to go to networking events in person. You can mingle with people and meet top executives with who you wouldn’t normally get a conversation.

  1. Stay Active on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a powerful tool for networking, keeping up with your workplace, and even finding job opportunities. You can connect with a recruitment agency if you want to find a new job without putting in as much legwork.

Many top CEOs and executives are also active on the site. You can use it as an opportunity to see what they think about when they post on their LinkedIn feed. They may even see if you comment on their posts.

  1. Sign Up for Training

One of the easiest ways to develop professional skills in the workplace is to always be learning. Many times, your company will sponsor certain training and programs if you gain knowledge that you can apply directly to your job.

You can take classes either online or in-person, depending on your preference. Sometimes big agencies will hold annual conferences that you can attend to learn about industry updates.

  1. Be a Mentor or Mentee

A key aspect of professional growth is connecting with people in your workplace as well. If you are relatively new, ask about a mentoring program. You can pair up with someone more experienced than yourself.

If you have been with the company for a long time, see if you can mentor a newer employee. You will be able to impart wisdom you learned from your job and even gain new insight from a different perspective.

Develop Professionally Today

If you want to grow and develop professional skills, you should not have to worry about your own doubts holding you back. With this guide, you can develop professionally and advance in your career to climb the ladder.

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