4 Reasons Why Arby’s Remains One of the Best Fast Food Franchise

Anyone in the United States of America knows that the nation is home to tons of fast food, quick service, and drive-through restaurants. Often, their ubiquitous nature results in a confusing decision-making process, as it may be pretty overwhelming to choose between the many options.

It is prevalent for the ever-busy city dwellers, who are always in a race against time, to visit a restaurant and ultimately regret their actions. The regret usually stems from the food quality and service management were either too poor or blatantly unfavorable.

However, few fast-food restaurants have continued to build a strong following due to their clear vision of delivering nothing short of the best. Over time, these few have grown to attain a niche in the fast-food franchise market, and are known for their credibility and reliable service. One of them is Arby’s fast-food sandwich franchise. 

This article, therefore, seeks to explain why Arby’s fast-food sandwich franchise has evolved to become one of the best in the country, ranking as the second-largest fast-food restaurant chain in the country, only behind Subway. It also aims to suggest dependable investment advice, such as taking advantage of Arby’s NNN Real Estate Properties. 

Without further ado, let us dive into the juicy details.

History of Arby’s

Arby’s came into existence in 1964, when brothers Forrest and Leroy Raffel, owners of a restaurant equipment business, decided to start a fast-food franchise in Boardman, Ohio, as they thought there was a market for it in the city. However, in a bid to stand out from the crowd, they resorted to serving only roast beef sandwiches, potato chips, and soft drinks.

The franchise continued to expand in the 1970s, adding more menu items as they progressed, including their famous curly fries. After a series of financial rollercoasters and multiple takeovers, Arby’s finally came into the possession of Inspire Brands, with Paul Brown taking the CEO position in 2013. His entrance to the franchise instituted an innovative start for the franchise, causing Arby’s to grow in sales and revenue.

Today, Arby’s Inc. is well distinguished in the fast-food industry by its menu, composed of roast beef sandwiches and other options such as the meat mountain and the brisket sandwich. The franchise currently has over 3,300 restaurants and total revenue of around $3.884 billion as of 2019, placing it as the third highest-grossing fast-food franchise in the country.

Why Arby’s Is a Winning Franchise

Over the years, Arby’s has become one of the leading food franchises due to its fireproof policies and innovative systems. These policies and procedures were coined to ensure customer satisfaction and staff efficiency, alongside their unprecedented marketing strategy, including the fun tagline “We Have the Meats”.

Arby’s boasts of almost every meat you can imagine, from roast beef to chicken, etc. Little wonder customers can’t get enough of the meaty goodness, thus leading the company to experience unprecedented growth of 20% in global sales. 

However, there are more reasons why customers choose Arby’s over others across the nation, for example, choosing Arby’s NNN investment properties. You can also read our article on how to spot high potential investments.


Most Arby’s competitors offer their services at higher prices; however, Arby’s offers their sandwiches and other merchandise at low prices. One of the main reasons that the fast-food franchise continues to be one of the top contenders in the food market is its streamlined and regulated processes which allow it to keep its prices low despite maintaining reasonable profit margins.

Quality of Food and Services

If one franchise boasts of quality food services, then it has to be Arby’s. Maintaining a level of desirable consistency and achieving maximal customer retention requires the franchise to make it a point of duty to carry out its operations in the swiftest way possible while prioritizing taste and quality.

Arby’s buying, managerial, storage and training processes are undertaken with efficiency to ensure the continuation of quality service delivery, which the brand has come to be known for in more than five decades. You should expect the same whenever you choose to rent any of Arby’s NNN investment properties.


No other fast food sandwich franchise screams innovation, as does Arby’s. In their over five decades of existence, they have continued to show that they possess what it takes to continue being a significant contender in the fast-food franchise business due to their flexibility and high innovation policies. 

The past few years have seen Arby’s expanding its reach by including more menu options and developing a customer-oriented food preparation process. All these aim to build a loyal following further to cement the franchise’s place in the industry. It also goes a long way to creating a suitable environment for investors who wish to rent Arby’s for sale.

Convenience and Great Management

Another pertinent reason Arby’s has continued to win and grow in the restaurant industry is that they offer services that entirely exceed customers’ expectations. In doing so, the fast-food franchise sets itself on the road to success, heavily beating the competition at its own game. 

Besides providing creative menus alongside swift service delivery and efficiency, Arby’s management is passionate about offering a satisfying experience to all their customers. It is thus no surprise that they record high numbers in sales and revenue every year.

Looking to Take Advantage of Arby’s Success?

It is no news that Arby’s remains one of the most popular fast-food franchises in the United States and beyond. Their success is attributed to their quality service, celebrated management, and dedication to providing nothing short of the best. 

As an investor, the franchise offers one of the best investment options, with returns reaching the roof. Little wonder there is a massive market for Arby’s NNN investment properties in the country. Being a part of the system allows you to take advantage of a brand that is growing steadily.

Owning a couple of Arby’s NNN investment properties not only adds to your real estate portfolio but also means a great deal to expand your income returns. If you are looking towards acquiring an Arby’s NNN Real Estate, then do well to contact Buy NNN Properties as we are willing to guide you every step of the day.

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