Common Interior Lighting Mistakes to Avoid

When decorating a home, there are a number of things that motivate the homeowner. From staying aligned with current trends to increasing the salability of a home, to impressing guests, and creating a specific design aesthetic, the reasons for decorating a home are plentiful. One of the most important things you can focus on in interior design is lighting, and with the industrial design aesthetic being so popular, savvy designers are searching for high-quality ceiling fan companies offering the best industrial style lighting at an affordable price.This article is intended to help educate interior designers and homeowners looking to amp up the style in a room as to why industrial style lighting is advantageous. 

1. Industrial Style Lighting Works with Multiple Design Styles

One reason why investing in industrial style lighting is so ideal is because it works well in multiple design styles. The aged, raw look with simple lines fairs well in rooms decorated in the styles of shabby chic, French country, farmhouse, industrial, contemporary, modern and steampunk. For example, a matte black ceiling fan with industrial lighting elements can work well in a contemporary or modern white kitchen with black fixtures. A pink ceiling fan with industrial style lighting is perfect for a teen girl’s room, or for a woman’s dressing room or walk in closet.  Small ceiling fans with industrial style lighting also look incredibly well suspended from overheads on patios and porches, providing a pleasant breeze and a striking look. 

2. Industrial Style Lighting Makes Homes More Attractive to Buyers

Multiple studies show that staged homes always sell better than those left empty and blank. Furniture, decorative items and lighting help buyers get a sense for what the home could look like with them living in it as the new owner. Because industrial design is so popular and desirable, it only makes sense to incorporate the same elements into a home that’s on the market. The eye is always drawn to lighting, so by investing in the industrial lighting style homeowners and stagers are able to create the semblance of greater value.

3. Great Design Makes People Feel Good

Just as wearing an amazing suit of clothes can enhance your self esteem and mood, so too can the design elements in your home. Multiple TV shows on networks like HGTV have brought the industrial design style to center stage, and as a result hundreds of brands have started producing furnishings and fixtures in the industrial mode. When you invest in the industrial lighting style for multiple rooms in your home, your mood and energy will beam with a newfound glow as your living space will reflect all that is desirable and popular in society. 

4. An Industrial Lighting Style in a Room Allows for Interior Design Change Over Time

Once you have secured ceiling fans with the industrial lighting style, you can rest assured with the freedom knowing that, at any time, you can change the design style in the space and the lighting will still blend in beautifully. For example, you may have a rustic, shabby chic look to one room utilizing industrial style lighting, and if in time you want to change the look to a modern one with shabby chic accents, you can do so knowing the look will still be amazing. 

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