4 Strategies for Increasing Your Global Reach

There’s nothing like taking your brand from a little-known local business to one with a truly international appeal.  

The internet is a fantastic marketing tool. It’s now possible to have your business reach practically every corner of the globe, and if you want to expand your brand and reach customers worldwide, some strategies will help increase your global reach.

Going Global 

The internet has made it easier for people across the globe to access websites or businesses in their area. Still, it can be difficult, if not impossible, for even the most popular local business to gain widespread attention and recognition in other countries without some sort of global strategy.

How To Take Your Business Global

In some cases, global visibility for your brand can feel like rocket science. However, there are many factors to consider if you want your business to stand out on the internet and, ideally, make it onto a Google search. 

Invest in Great Translation

If you’re hoping to attract customers in other countries, your website needs to be accessible to them. That means you need to invest in certified Chinese translation services to translate into their native language, both on your website and in video marketing.

This is something that you want to get right the first time around; once your business goes global, any slip-ups on translation can cost you dearly in terms of credibility.

This is especially true for businesses that speak with clients across the world in real-time using video conferencing software. Having good real time transcription into various languages will be incredibly helpful.

Learn About Your Audience

You have to consider who your target audience is before you start any major branding strategies.

Your target audience is essential to determining how much time and money you’re willing to invest into something that will eventually be used or viewed by mostly non-natives of your country.

You need to look into what type of website within its country’s culture will resonate best with the people within your target market.

Create Global and Local Social Media Accounts

It is a good idea to create social media accounts on all the major global social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.) and local social networks for as many countries as you want to target.

In some cases, it can be beneficial to have different accounts for different countries so that people don’t confuse your business with one in their own country. This is especially true if your brand extends across a large number of locales.

Localize Your Branding

Localizing your branding consists of tailoring your business to the needs and wants of your clients and making sure this is done with the local language, customs, religions, and culture is respected and considered.

A great way to localize your message is to really immerse yourself in the world of social media marketing and connect with local influencers or people who come from a similar industry and understand the culture. In addition, looking up what’s trending within that locality at the moment and using those results to tailor your marketing strategy is also a great idea.

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