It’s not easy watching your friend or loved one fall further into addiction with each passing day. However, watching the addiction destroy them is much worse.

While it’s very natural to be concerned about your friend’s drug use, you need to be sure that your friend is actually struggling with addiction. But how can you tell? What about a person lets you know that they need rehab for drug & alcohol addiction? What’s the bottom line if there even is one in the first place?

As such, you need to familiarize yourself with the common symptoms of someone battling substance abuse. Here are four warning signs you need to look for if you’re concerned with how someone you care about is using.

1. They Are Unable to Control Their Drug Use

Many people take alcohol and use drugs without developing an addiction, but if your loved one seems to consume in excess, then there might be a serious problem.

People battling drug addiction heavily depend on their preferred substance as a vital part of life so much so they can’t go through the day without using it.

As time goes on, they might continually increase the number of times they use, including the number of drugs due to increased body tolerance. Sometimes, they may even combine different kinds of drugs for a more potent high.

2. Their Physical Shape Has Deteriorated

A strong indicator of drug addiction is adverse changes in their physical appearance. Physical warning signs are quite easy to notice but have the disadvantage of possibly being an indicator of something going on in their lives that has nothing at all to do with drugs.

All the same, some of the changes you can keep an eye out for include bloodshot eyes, rapid weight gain or loss, constant fidgeting, noticeable anxiety, trace marks on their limbs, and overall poor hygiene. One of the primary and effective ways to solve this problem is to eat healthy food, which you can easily do for your friend. You can explore how to treat your friend or look for ways that food can curb alcohol cravings. You should be a positive influence this whole time.

3. Their Drug Use Is Putting Them in Constant Money Problems

Drug use can be a very costly affair. The more drugs or alcohol a person uses, the more money they’ll need to keep up the drugs coming. If they run out of drugs and money, their addiction will compel them to buy more by any means necessary.

Some people will sell off their belongings just to buy drugs, while others will borrow or steal from their family and friends.

4. Behavioral Changes

If you feel like a lot has changed in your loved one and they’re no longer the person they used to know, they may need help with substance abuse.

As their high becomes more important to your loved one, they will gradually lose interest in activities they otherwise found fun. They’ll even limit their time with their family and friends and ultimately strain their relationships with people who care about them.

You’ll find that the addiction can consume them so much that their performance at school or work suffers as a consequence. But an early intervention on your end can save their grades or career.

To Sum It Up

It’s natural for people to defend their addiction by not admitting they have a problem. That’s why it’s so crucial for you to recognize the physical, behavioral, and social changes that strongly point towards addiction. This way, you’ll be better placed to help your loved one seek rehab for their drug & alcohol addiction.

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