4 Ways How Cybersecurity Can Easily Help Your Business

Ever since the pandemic, businesses had to adapt to survive in the market. The economy took a major hit and some businesses, especially those that deal with physical interactions, had to shut down. Those that are still operating had to implement changes in their business operation by going online.

Cyber-attacks have increased as more and more things are done online. To fight these threats, a company needs to invest in cybersecurity. They will be able to reduce threats as a result of this.

But before you go and invest in cybersecurity like Microsoft security solutions, it is important to know what it will do for your business, so you know what good cybersecurity is.

Assess Inventory Hardware and Software

For cybersecurity to cover everything in your network, it has to have a clear view of your business’s vulnerable parts. To do this, IT professionals will record every device and software that has authority to access your company. If they find something that is unauthorised, the first thing they will do is to disconnect it.

IT professionals will secure all devices, while personal devices will be restricted. It must be done  to prevent unsecured devices from gaining access to your network and perhaps creating unwanted network connections that attackers can exploit.

Your network will become much easier to monitor as unwanted devices and software can easily be identified and disconnected.

Reconfigure hardware and software

New software and hardware like laptops, mobile devices and desktop computers are set up with default configurations from the manufacturer and allow you to use these devices easily. Unfortunately, these can be a hole in your network as attackers can exploit these weaknesses to gain access to your data. A good cybersecurity expert will make sure to reconfigure software and hardware devices so that you and the rest of your staff will have ease of access but not the attackers.

Your IT staff will then record any reconfiguration done, monitor any anomalies that will occur in the new configuration, and patch it to deter new threats.

Manage Vulnerabilities

A network is always online 24/7 for it to be accessible. So, if your network is always online, your cybersecurity has to be always online. Attacks can  occur at any time, so detecting and responding to threats in real-time is necessary to prevent damage from occurring to your business.

Govern Administrative Privileges

For cybercriminals, administrative credentials are the holy grail in gaining access to your network. So if your employees have weak passwords, hackers might be able to gain access to administrative accounts.

IT professionals must train you and your employees to prepare them for cyberattacks while also limiting administrative privileges.

Monitoring Audit Logs

Audit logs keep track of a company’s movement in the digital space, so these must be monitored and analysed to identify anomalies. It will also tell you what your staff is doing.

Cybersecurity is essential for every company. Investing in it like using Microsoft security solutions is a must so you and your company will not fall victim to cyber-attacks.

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