If you’re trying to save money on parts for your fixer-upper on wheels, you might look at a self-service salvage yard. Salvage yards have a lot of advantages for DIY-friendly drivers, with one of the top benefits being their affordability. If you’re curious about pulling your own parts, here are five advantages of self-service salvage yards. 

Low prices

One of the main advantages of using a self-service salvage yard like Tear-A-Part is the lower prices. Junkyards offer parts at a fraction of the cost of new parts.  

These yards are cheaper than other salvage yards because they need fewer employees to pick out parts. The owners pass the overhead savings onto the consumer through bottom-tier pricing on serviceable equipment. 

A variety of options

Many full-service salvage yards specialize in luxury cars because the owner knows that their employees will be careful when cutting out parts and won’t damage the rest of the vehicle. 

The same cannot be said for every novice who walks into the salvage yard. You can browse a self-service salvage yard for older parts if you need them or want to look at what is available. With such a broad selection of vehicles, you can often discover hidden gems.  


Self-service salvage yards allow you to browse the yard at your leisure. Choosing the parts you need doesn’t require you to wait for an employee or feel the time pressure of peak hours. It can be fun and relaxing to get your hands dirty by pulling parts yourself. 

Learn how to repair cars

Salvage yards are popular with people who want to learn how to build different cars. If you’re learning to repair cars or teaching a friend or relative, self-service salvage yards have many different types and models to choose from. 

You will become familiar with the vehicle’s layout when you pull parts yourself, which will help when reinstalling them. 

Many components appear to be brand new

Not all vehicles that come to a junkyard have old components with minimal value. Many new cars come to junkyards after an accident or after they’ve received “lemon” status.

These vehicles aren’t suitable for travel, but they often come with reliable, undamaged, and good condition parts. 

You can find hard to find parts 

If you’re interested in classic cars, you might have trouble finding parts for them at your local auto shop. Salvage yards can help you find rare parts that you need to keep your classic car on the road at a more reasonable price point. 


These are just some of the advantages of self-service salvage yards for the DIY-friendly driver. As you look at different self-service salvage yards, make sure to ask if the yard owner has parts from the vehicle you’re trying to repair or rebuild. If the yard has what you need, take your time looking at specifications so you’ll have confidence in your purchase. 

Doing it yourself isn’t always the best route forward, but when it comes to self-service salvage yards, you can’t beat the benefits of this budget-friendly model.

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