5 best business mobile plans in Singapore

Singapore is one of the world’s greatest business hubs; therefore, telecommunication infrastructure is one of its strengths. The growth of demand for good telco companies that provide affordable business mobile plans is on the rise, which has seen many telecommunication companies’ development. When choosing the best mobile plans for your company, many things should be considered, like network coverage, budget, and security, among others. We have compiled a list of the best business mobile plans in Singapore to reduce the hassle of looking through each one of them separately. Take a read.

Best business mobile plans

  1. Circles.Life Corporate Lifestyle Plan

This company has a special plan, the Corporate Individual Scheme (CIS), to meet the needs of both employers and employees. To receive a quotation of this plan for your business, you need to fill in your company email address on their website, and a quotation will be sent. Available plans differ from one company to another. Here is an overview of what a company might get:

  • Talktime is unlimited
  • It is available in an eSIM
  • SMS anytime on their app, add data CIS code.
  • Can be used for three sign-ups$18/mo.
  • for 50GB data forever

The Corporate Individual scheme customization can be negotiated to suit company-specific needs.

  1. SingTel Business Plan

SingTel also has options for business mobile plans that give value for money. SingTel is preferable, especially to companies who prioritize good network coverage and security. One of its greatest features is its comprehensive mobile security and its wide 4G network all over Singapore. Let’s take a look at their best plan:

  • Sim only 100GB, 50GB and 30GB
  • Free registration, free waiver of Sim-card fee, which comes with a subscription for 12months.
  • The prices of this package are $25 for 30GB, $73.50 for 100GB and $35 for 50GB.
  • All the prices are subject to GST and some added fees.
  1. Starhub SME business plans

Companies can use the Starhub business mobile plan to keep their businesses connected all the time. They have a range of plans to give their corporate clients an outstanding experience at an affordable price. Let’s take a look at the various categories:

  • Pro: Has 75GB limited data, unlimited Talktime and SMS, sim card charges waivered, free international roaming and others at $96.
  • Premium:45 GB data limit, unlimited Talktime, free IDD, and free activation at $43.50
  • Lite: 28GB data limit with only 300 Talktime and vouchers all at $22.50.

These are the plans available at Star hub; they also provide unlimited tech support for their clients.

  1. M1 Enterprise Mobile Plans

The M1 customized business mobile plan is also another best plan to keep your business connected. Their roam option, when always on-data, is cheap, and you got to enjoy unlimited Talktime and messaging is a good deal for your business. Let’s take a look at some of their plans.

  • EM3+:13GB local data, Unlimited SMS and Talktime, 3GB roaming limit for $34.70
  • EM12+: 40GB local data, Unlimited SMS and Talktime, 5GB roaming limit for$53.10.
  • EMX+:7GB data roaming, Talktime, SMS, and local data all for $122.40.

These business packages provide access permission to 77 destinations globally and if finding a local plan that can enable you to roam freely is what you want, go for this plan.

5 best business mobile plans in Singapore

  1. MyRepublic Mobile Plans

This company provides various business mobile plans that are customizable. Its mobile data plans for business features seamless cell services, unlimited data plans for all of their plans, and free-roaming at no additional hidden charges. Here are some of their plans:

  • Core plan: 500 minutes Talktime, 20+30GB Data, SMS, and Talktime for $20.
  • Lite Data Plan: 1000 Minutes Talktime, 4G unlimited data, and SMS for $39
  • Unlimited Data Plan: 1000 Minutes Talktime, unlimited data at 4G speed, unlimited SMS for $10.

This company is known for giving discounts to corporations for any mobile sign-ups.

These are some of the best business mobile plans to help keep your business connected at a favorable price in Singapore. Of course, before settling for any of them, you have to inquire and find out if it will fulfill your company’s needs. This is because each business has different needs.

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