5 Best Tips About Dry Herb Vaping For A Smooth Draft 

Dry herb vaping, though a very basic and easy “to-do”, actually requires specific tips to get the most out of the weed for a genuinely soothing draft. From Furna vapor to you, below are expert vaping advice you shouldn’t miss out on. 

How To Vape The “Proper” Way 

  1. Fresh. Nothing Less 

The first step about pro-vaping is that your marijuana should be as fresh as they come. The difference between fresh spots of weed and not-so-fresh weed? Night and day. It really is. 

This doesn’t necessarily mean “fresh” as in picked up straight from the Earth and vaped. No. “Fresh” here simply connotes that buds shouldn’t be too dry and/or too old. Vaporization requires a bit of moisture, which then, aids the dry herb compounds to reach a certain boiling point for vapour to be released.

Less moisture concentration equals a lesser potency of vapour. And vice versa. Everyone prefers the latter, of course. Then again, do NOT dampen the weed! Too-wet herbs will negatively impact the concentration of the flavour itself just as well. 

  1. The Hemp Grind 

After checking the weed’s moisture content, the next step is to grind it. This will increase and/or multiply its surface area which, in turn, will permit the vape oven’s heat to seep through the product effectively. It’s this part that “enriches” weed’s flavour

Here is where the process gets a bit tricky. Many frequently use their fingers to crush and grind marijuana, especially when they’re on the run and don’t have a grinder handy. However, experts say that the oil produced by the glands in your palms may slightly affect the herb’s composition. 

If there’s no herb grinder in-sight, what you can do is to utilize a mortar and pestle (or any similar pair of tools) to manually shred the weed to a uniform medium-grind. Not too small. Don’t leave too-large pieces intact, either. 

  1. The Right Amount For The Chamber 

In parallel to number 2, be sure to grind only that which you will be using at the moment. And only that which will fit inside the vaporizer’s heating chamber. Grinding herbs for later use (to supposedly save on time and effort) will merely cause the unused weed to dry out quicker. 

It’s a tedious process to always evenly medium-grind weed for every round you vape. But trust us, the results will be worth more than what’s anticipated. 

  1. The Optimal Temperature 

Setting the temperature of the vape is completely up to each user. The general rule of thumb is that the higher the temperature level, the quicker the vaporizing to follow, and the thicker the Furna vapor. Yet this is strictly for expert vape-aficionados because there is a very thin line between high-temp vaping and herb burning. Should the latter take place, all you’ll be sniffing from the device is the smell of smoke and burnt leaves. 

The safest recommendation falls somewhere along 356 to 410 degrees-Fahrenheit (180 to 210 degrees-Celsius). Whereas vaping noobs can start at 320 degrees-Fahrenheit (160 degrees-Celsius). 

  1. Oven-Packing 

Do NOT pack the oven too tightly with herbs. This could hamper the spreading of heat that will travel from the chamber to said weed. Packed too closely and you’ll risk not being able to heat all of the herbs inside. 

So, no over-packing weed for no-wastage. 

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