Ways to value your employees

With winter fast approaching, the impending loss of daylight hours and the significant drop in temperature will inevitably and quite naturally affect the energy, motivation and even efficiency levels of your employees.

With this, as with any other time, you have not only a legal responsibility to ensure your employees’ mental health and wellbeing but a moral obligation as well. With that being said, continue reading to discover five brilliant ways to invest in your employees.

1.   Their Job Perks & Benefits

Investing in your employee benefits and perks can involve rewarding them for their hard work and commitment to your company.

Motivation is a key advantage of concentrating more time, energy and a small amount of money in setting achievable targets for individuals to focus on. Such investment in rewards will directly result in higher levels of efficiency and productivity as your employees will feel substantially more valued and motivated.

2.   Their Physical Health

Employing the professional services and all-round expertise of a reputable and established EXOS Fitness Consultants will simultaneously improve each individual’s level of physical health and wellbeing and improve their performance.

Working with a fitness consulting and advisory service will provide you and your employees with the information and tools to reach the highest echelon of health, with a human-centered approach designed to produce positive outcomes.

Employers should provide employees with health insurance coverage that includes health benefits to cater for their physical well-being.

3.   Their Professional Development

There is a wide plethora of amazing benefits to investing in the professional development of individual members within your workforce.

Such benefits include the culture of continuous learning and the sharing of knowledge, the encouragement of experienced and motivated potential applicants, growing confidence and aptitude from the trained employees and a substantial increase in your standing against competitors within your specific industry.

4.   Their Personal Achievements

One of the fundamental attributes that set successful company managers apart from merely competent ones is the way in which (and the frequency in which) individual employees’ achievements are rewarded and recognized.

There is a wide number of ways to reward and recognize such milestones and here are just a few ideas:

  • Financial Rewards
  • Gift Vouchers and Coupons
  • Take Your Employee Out For A One-To-One Lunch
  • Social Media Online Recognition
  • Celebration In Front Of The Whole Team
  • Dedicated Parking Space
  • A Long Weekend Off
  • Spa Break

5.   Their Life/Work Balance

After the devastation and numerous changes instigated by the worldwide coronavirus pandemic and subsequent international lockdown, the way in which individual businesses function and run their day-to-day departments had to evolve.

Subsequently, company heads have been made aware of the copious advantages to be experienced by allowing and encouraging remote working and working from home, which significantly improves an employee’s work/life balance and is a brilliant way to invest in the individual.

Benefits of companies allowing remote working for employers and employees include:

  • Cost Savings and increased productivity
  • Freedom For Employees & Flexibility For Employers
  • Reduction In Sick Days Used across the whole workforce
  • Less Distractions For Employees & More Work Produced For Employers

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