5 Buildings in the UAE Worth Seeing

Top 5 Unique Apartments You Must Stay In

Dubai is a city of contrasts and soft shades, painted in broad strokes of radiant warm colors. Here, you can live in the highest towers reaching for a sky with a view of the boundless sea or in the villa a step from the dry heat of the desert. An enthusiastic starry-eyed traveler, a wry businessperson on a work trip, a mall-obsessed tourist, and all kinds of different people will find a place here: to rest, to work, to watch.

This article will talk about the most captivating apartments, houses, and flats they — you — can rent when visiting the UAE.

The Beginning of the Building in the Desert

But first, a bit of history.

Dubai — as well as the six other sheikhdoms that will later become Emirates — was part of what Britain called Trucial Coast. This group of Middle East communities bugged the British ships so much the latter has been forced to propose a peace treaty to protect the trade route with then colonized India.

Dubai wasn’t a desert then, in the XIX and the beginning of the XX century: the city was one of the major pearl trading centers and, after treaties have been signed with Britain, after Persian towns installed incredibly high taxes for trade, Dubai became a major port, too.

Dubai wasn’t a sprout from oil: the city grew from trade. Even taxes were collected not by the government but by merchants bound by a contract requiring them to give away a yearly sum from their pearl income. The merchants had greater financial powers than the rules of the city.

And then, of course, oil and oil trade — everyone knows this part. There is no place in the whole world where the infrastructure develops faster than in UAE. According to Forbes Magazine, the only country that compares to the UAE in terms of the construction industry is China, but Dubai’s skyscrapers are still exceptional.

Using the revenues gained from the mining operations of oil and gas, the country has developed one of the strongest economies in the world — but lots of people still come here for pearl diving.

Where is better to stay

#1 Dubai Marina Apartments

If you want to experience infamous “tower living” rent luxurious apartments in the world’s highest skyscrapers: Cayan Tower and Princess Tower in Dubai Marina, a posh neighborhood area with numerous business centers, malls, and headquarters of famous companies. Renting the apartment here is perfect for business trips or corporate events. There are renting opportunities for different budgets, from cozy flats to luxurious penthouses — you can find the best house for rent for your needs.

#2 JBR Apartments

Living near the seaside is a dream of thousands of tourists that visit Dubai — that is why Jumeirah Beach Residence is such a popular district among them. Get away from routine, and become an owner of the royal oceanic studio or comfortable flat with three bedrooms, parking, and a gym for the weekends. The surrounding area has a well-developed infrastructure with different transport options and fascinating sea views, so it is a perfect fit if you want to be close to the city but still enjoy the quiet.

#3 Business Bay and Zaha Hadid’s The Opus

Business Bay is an entrepreneurial center of the city, and there stands the Opus — a Dubai hotel with the design, both exterior and interior, by a famous architect Zaha Hadid. It looks like a fluid, asymmetric cube with a void inside—but in fact, it’s two towers meeting each other on the top and the bottom of the building. It’s an amazing, unique architecture that plays in tune with the city spirit; the Opus has luxurious residential spaces and corporate zones.

#4 Living In The Desert

The unforgettable experience of living in the desert near the boundless areas covered with sand is another advantage of renting an apartment in the UAE. Choose among luxurious villas, family houses, or even comfortable tents and enjoy dry, warm weather, spectacular scenery, and starlight that illuminates the nights. You can learn how to ride a camel, try dune bashing, sandboarding, rock climbing — all without allergies and mosquitoes (there are none of those in the desert.)

#5 Downtown Dubai Apartments

When you travel to Dubai, there is a unique opportunity to rent an apartment in the highest skyscraper in the world — Burj Khalifa. It’s in Dubai’s downtown, the busiest part of the city — the building is 838 meters high, has 164 floors, and countless curious, entertaining places to visit inside. Downtown has lots of famous architectural and cultural attractions as well — about them, in the next section.

5 Greatest objects in the UAE

Apart from renting apartments in the UAE, there are also lots of destinations that are worth visiting when touring the country.

  1. Abu Dhabi’s Sheikh Zayed Mosque. Combining the modern with the past, architects constructed and designed the Mosque building using the contemporary elements that help traditional style glow again.
  2. Jebel Jais in Ras Al-Khaimah. Don’t lose a chance to obtain the highest peaks of the Hajar Mountains and join different climbing-related activities, such as cycle touring, canyoning, and parachuting.
  3. Dubai’s Al Fahidi Quarter. Don’t miss the opportunity to see parts of the old city: find out more about early Arabian architectural styles and enjoy the rich, vibrant history of the UAE and its communities.
  4. Sharjah Art Museum. If you are into art and want to move away from western influence for a bit, Sharjah Art Museum is the right place to visit and enjoy contemporary and classic Middle East art exhibitions.
  5. Dubai Creek. To see the best views from water that flows through and within Dubai, take a dhow (sailing vessel with one or two masts used in the region) and go through Dubai Creek. You can book a personal cruise or choose a more affordable ride with locals


A trip to the UAE can become the most memorable experience of your life when you know exactly where you want to stay and how you want to spend your vacation. Whether you’re a planner or a spontaneous traveler, it’s better to have at least a vague idea of where you would like to stay; then, you won’t have a hard time finding accommodations (if you, for instance, decided to go there in a tourist season.)

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