A quick search for bridal sarees online will throw up several styles that can be the go-to look for brides on their most special day. The latest wedding sarees collection features a wide range of designs, patterns, and materials.

From the organza saree that Deepika Padukone made famous during her wedding to the net saree that Madhuri Dixit Nene wore to a wedding, celebrities grab eyes each time they sport a glamorous saree.

Saree is an essential aspect of Indian culture. One cannot separate the ethnic dresses from their roots. No matter how much evolution saree undergoes, it will always be on the radar, and it will always grab eyes. It is an all-occasion costume.

There is no rule which says that a saree or sharara suits trend is meant only for weddings. Most people prefer sarees as workwear for the comfort they offer. The outfit is a harmonious blend of elegance and comfort.

If one is looking out for the latest wedding saree collection for a bride, one might find themselves at the precipice of a dilemma of choice. There is an endless array of designer sarees and bridal pattu sarees that one can choose from the many options. Not knowing where to start can be a problem later on. It is always better to be prepared before going shopping.


Filmstars knowingly or unknowingly have become the gatekeepers of fashion. They set the trends, change them and bring traditions back to life.

When looking for wedding photographers, the main thing to realise is that every single one of them is different in how they approach your day. It’s really important to thoughly research your favourite wedding photographers by reading reviews, and viewing their previous work before finally meeting them face to face and asking them any questions you may have.

The following are some sarees made famous by India’s most loved movie stars:


Vidya Balan has been a vocal supporter of indigenous weaves and constantly sports traditional sarees. A quick surf through her Instagram page will reveal her passion for these gorgeous handmade labels.

Wearing handloom pieces features the craft and values the work that artisans put into making them. In this way, celebrities become a channel for people to appreciate their traditional outfits better.


One cannot go wrong with a traditional Banarasi saree. Be it a formal event or a friend’s wedding, one for sure can turn a few heads while sporting this impressive ornamental saree. The ever so classy Shilpa Shetty recently wore it and pulled it off so well, reminding the public that sarees are always reliable.

This saree is one of the most ornate of all garments and features elaborate designs. The designs are painstakingly woven by artisans (mostly generational), producing a striking effect of splendor. It is no wonder that it was the favorite garment of royalty; Mughal princesses and queens wore it.

It is produced in the city of Varanasi incorporating special techniques, which is what makes it unique. Its value lies in its special attributes and rarity. Some sarees also feature an excellent thread work called ‘zari’ (gold thread). So, when one wears it, one can be proud that they are representing centuries of tradition reflecting royalty. It is ideal as wedding sarees for brides.


After Jahnvi Kapoor was captured by the shutterbugs wearing one, it shot to popularity again. The green and blue hues with intricate handwoven designs made her stand out from the others. It featured Bandhani motifs along with woven flowers made of zari and a lace border. The Patti tassels heightened the festive vibe, and with the right accessories, the actress made it a winning outfit. It looked vintage and classy.


Who can forget how the ravishing Rekha looks in a saree every time she graces any event. Rekha has done more for the saree industry than probably anyone else in the mainstream media. Younger actresses follow in her footsteps, wearing sarees to special occasions, making the statement that it will never go out of style.

The legendary ‘Rekhaji’ commonly wears Kancheepuram sarees that are regal and elegant. She wore a gold and purple saree to DeepVeer’s wedding reception. It undoubtedly hit the headlines of the fashion world.

The contrast of rich colors coupled with her jewelry made her the talk of the town. One can trust Rekaji’s instinct to wear traditionally decorated sarees and still look fresh with a modern aesthetic. Brides can take a leaf or two out of her book of fashion and boldly sport bright colored sarees with intricate details.


Deepika Padukone always stuns in all kinds of sarees. However, this laser-cut number with a gold border that she donned during the Ambani wedding was an iconic look. Modern brides who are looking for ways to spice up their wedding looks can always consider this look because it is sure to make one stand out. 


“When in doubt, wear a saree” should be the maxim of modern occasions since one can always end up looking gorgeous in the right saree. Look for sarees online to find the suitable material one likes in their budget.

Make sure to do an adequate amount of research about the garment and buy from trusted sellers that have been in the saree business for a long time. Some of them sell bridal sarees online as well, so one can make the purchase without ever having to leave the house.

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