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With video and computer games becoming so popular these days and with more and more children choosing consoles over playing physical games like board games and parlor games, it is important to remind your children of the hours of entertainment these different games can bring.

So, continue reading to learn more about five classic American games which can entertain the entire family.

1.   Chutes & Ladders

A group of Hindu spiritual leaders in Ancient India created the fundamental basis of the modern game Chutes and Ladders and was called ‘Leela’ upon its inception.

From there, John Jacques popularized the game in Victoria England in 1892 (snakes and ladders) and fifty years later, in 1943, Milton Bradley modernized the game for the USA. Chutes and Ladders is a brilliant game to play with smaller children and adults alike.

2.   Corn Hole

More of a lawn game to play in the summer months, an all-American game which is equally enjoyed by people of all ages is that of Cornhole.

The game of Cornhole has simply never faded from popularity across the length and breadth of the United States and now, you can have even more fun with personalized cornhole games which can be inscribed with your family motto.

3.   Monopoly

Everyone across the Western world will have most definitely heard of the board game Monopoly, but there will be far fewer people who are aware of the fascinating history of the game.

Way back in 1903, American citizen Lizzie Magie was wholly dissatisfied with the economic system and created the basic version of Monopoly (which is in essence the same game you play today) as a way of explaining Henry George’s single-tax theory. Monopoly is a fantastically enthralling game to play with the whole family and will also show the cheaters from the honest workers as you play through the game.

4.   Horseshoes

Moving on to another lawn game, the game of Horseshoes is played between either two teams of two (or indeed one player on each side) and involves throwing targets and four horseshoes.

It is widely accepted that Horseshoes originated from Quoits and at the very beginning of the twentieth century, the two games became identifiable as entirely separate. You can even try your hand at becoming a professional at Horseshoes and count yourself amongst respected players such as President Harry Truman, who actually built a horseshoe pit on the White House grounds.

5.   Backgammon

The history of backgammon is also a fascinating one, with the earliest known records of the game dating way back to the beginning of the seventeenth century in England.

When so many Irish people emigrated to America, the game became modernized and is still one of the most popular table parlor games to play of them all. Essentially, backgammon is a surreal sort of racing game which combines individual strategy with good old-fashioned luck and can only really be played with two players at a time. For families, you could start a league, with the winner playing the next person.

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