Passion for Fashion: How to Create a Portfolio Website

Websites are new digital addresses of businesses, which help to reach customers. Websites serve as a platform for providing detailed information about the businesses and at the same time, provide an insight to the customers for their requirements. However, it is to be noted that one needs to be very careful while designing a website because one mistake to it and all the information can be miscommunicated. Therefore, while best web design agency in the world the websites, there are some common mistakes, which should be checked before hosting them finally on internet. Then, only the website should be allowed to go live.

  • Structured and should give easy access: E-commerce websites pose a tempting treat to customers. They are designed in such a manner that while surfing to them customer feel like shop more. While designing a website it is essential that to keep a consideration towards smooth navigation through the website. The designer should think from customer’s perspectives and should understand the way it feels to be lost in web pages while looking for a product.
  • Quality of images: While selling online the key attraction is the image of the product. Designers do not give due importance to quality of images due to which pixels spoil the game. The high-definition images taken from right angles will make customers swoon over the product and give a push to their buying decisions.
  • Many pop ups: How you feel when after every click. You get a pop-up asking a question or directing. It act as turn off among customers or those who landed the page through advertisements. New age customer wants hassle free shopping experience with best price and quality. Limiting the pop ups only for the time when it is actually required is the trick to be follow.
  • Scope of updating: The design of website should support changes. Many a times this get missed and the whole process of designing needs to be done. The platform chose for hosting should be dynamic so that it can accommodate the changing needs of the business and should be able to support the traffic.
  • The strategic designing: SEO is the need of the hour. Designers while taking up the project lacks the vision of SEO, which is required to promote the business. It is required to highlight the business among the best. Website design need to be considered as a strategy so that customer retention can also be part of it.

It is required that the design should promote the convenience and the store. The purpose of designing is not only to introduce the business to the customers but it is also related to the positioning of the brand in the market. Designing an e-commerce website is an art.

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