5 Cool Ways to Style Your Ethnic Wear in Winter!

Winters are here and you must be finding ways to cope with your favorite ethnic clothes. With winter wedding season has also started and you just cannot miss the chance to look your best into your ethnic clothing. Just because it’s cold you don’t wear your favorite clothes. You just need to find a way to stay in fashion without freezing in this cold.

Check out these cool tips to make your fashion game strong in the winter season.

1) Carry Shawl with Saree

Carrying a shawl with a saree is a style statement that you may have seen done by many celebrities. Carrying a velvet shawl with a saree that will keep you warm all out also will be a unique fashion statement. You have to be careful while choosing the color of the shawl. If you cannot go off-beat with the color of shawl and saree. Choose color as per your saree color and you are ready to go. If you are still in doubt the going to dark shade will be best. Try this amazing style and flaunt your desi avatar in winter also.

2) Sweater Instead of Blouse

Stylist and amazing way of staying cool is wearing a sweater with a saree. A sweater blouse is very much common and looks extremely chic. A few decades back it was not that famous but it is back in fashion with a kick. Replace your blouse with a contrasting crop blouse with full sleeves. Voila, you are warm and fashionable both at the same time. Wearing warm leggings under your saree can also help you to stay warm.

3) Long Jacket with Lehenga Choli

Do not let the weather ruin your ethnic wear fashion game. Love wearing ethnic wear like lehenga choli at the wedding in winter? Worried about the cold weather? No problem. Replace your dupatta with a long jacket. A long jacket will cover you from the cold and a styling jacket rather than a dupatta will make you look gorgeous too. You can shop variety of lehenga choli online.

4) Wear Coat/ Jacket with Saree

Yes! wearing a coat with ethnic wear like a saree will also be the best option. You must be thinking about looking out of fashion, then you do not worry it will look classy and fashionable if choose the right color of the coat. Wearing a coat with a contract or similar color will be okay but go with solid color only do not wear something printed, so that attention will be all on your saree only. When in doubt you can go with the black color coat which will go with any color.

5) Go With Velvet

Fabric plays the most important role in winter. Choosing fabric like velvet, which is thick and cold proof that can help you to prevent this season. Go with salwar kameez is which is made with velvet material. Shining velvet will give you that wedding vibes and also keep you warm.

Hoping these tips will help you the best to stay warm and fashionable in this season.

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