5 Cool Wedding Floral Advice for Couples

A wedding is a big day in almost everyone’s lives. However, we all have different plans and dreams waiting to be fulfilled on the ‘Big Day.

While arranging a wedding, paying attention to every little detail is important. Wedding dress, cake, bouquet, everything should be prim and proper. Days of planning ahead and meticulously executing those plans are the way to plan a perfect wedding.

When it comes to planning, usually everything revolves around the bride and groom’s choices. People spend a lot of money to make their wedding memorable and grand. A glamorous and beautiful wedding is a dream of every couple. The arrangements and planning become more important and meticulous when you are the bride or groom.

From finding the perfect wedding dress to matching and coordinating it with your partner, learning the dance step, and choosing the cake designs and floral arrangements, you have a lot of things on your to-do list. But, amidst this, some help with unique ideas is always welcomed.

Now, choosing the wedding dresses, cakes, and dance is for you to do, but we can help you with floral arrangements. We have some floral tips for you to amp up your wedding glamour.

Here is 5 Cool Wedding Floral Advice for Couples

  • Bouquet. Walking down the aisle with a beautiful bouquet in hand is a magical and meaningful moment for brides. The bouquet gets a lot of attention from both the bride and guests at a wedding, so make sure that your bouquet is beautiful. The flowers etched in the bouquet always add to its beauty. You can opt for your favorite flower bouquet.
    However, if you want to have a romantic wedding, you can go with roses. You can go with a romantic rose bouquet that matches your dress and aesthetic. When it comes to romantic themes, we all know roses are the ultimate best option.
  • Centrepieces. At a wedding, after the groom and bride, decoration is the next thing that holds the guests’ interest. Flowers have always been and are a reliable asset for wedding decorations. With the regular garland and wall decorations, you can opt for table centerpieces filled with flowers. The flower arrangements made as such look quite beautiful and classy. There are many pretty flowers you can choose from. It also depends on the wedding season, whether autumn or spring. Accordingly, you can opt for flowers like peonies, dahlias, lilacs, etc. Your floral arrangements can also be made according to your wedding theme. You can check an online dried flower arrangement shop if you want a rustic-themed wedding. You can decide on the flower colors that match your dress and wedding theme.  
  • Cake. Cake cutting is a remarkable ceremony at a wedding. Couples spend a lot on the wedding cake. There is a lot of planning and testing behind a seemingly perfect wedding cake. To make the cake look more beautiful and special, you can decorate it with flowers. Decorating the cake with flowers will make it more romantic. You can opt for flowers like roses, tulips, etc.
  • Car. The car in which you are going to take your bride to your home is also important. You have to make sure that the car is decorated beautifully. Along with the name of the groom and bride, balloons and glitter, flowers can add magic to the car décor.

You can decorate the car with various formations and designs of flowers. Choose flowers that go with your wedding theme; this will add to the glamour of your whole wedding. Ending the wedding ceremony by leaving in a florally decorated car will be like a cherry on top of your pristine wedding.

  • Budget. Wedding, being The Day of our lives, is an occasion on which couples spend a lot of money. But while spending so much money, you should ensure that the wedding ceremony is your money’s worth. Plan things carefully before you spend money on them.

Flowers, as beautiful and important as they are at a wedding, are often expensive. We suggest you explore many options before choosing the right flowers that suit your budget. Buying the flowers in bulk will help you save a lot of money. Give your florist a proper idea of your budget and requirements, and then buy the flowers. After all, spending money is fine, but spending it on the right thing is important.

While planning your wedding, make sure you remember this floral advice!

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